The Pursuit of Happiness

Living the Sacraments

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to get the middle school youth excited about being Catholic and the opportunity they have to receive the Sacraments.

About this night

All semester they have been learning about the graces that they receive from each Sacrament, and now is the time to get them excited about actually living out their faith in the Sacraments. Grace is a free gift from God given to us especially in the Sacraments, and the youth should be excited to receive this free gift.

This Edge Night theme will be a game show to emphasize how much people like free things. It will begin with a game show trivia game about what the youth have learned about the different Sacraments. There will then be a teaching about the importance of receiving the free grace of God through the Sacraments. The youth will have some time in small groups to discuss the Sacraments and prayer. Small group time will conclude with the youth making gum sculptures. The Edge Night will end with a wrap up about the Sacraments and a prayer.

Before the Edge Night

Create all the necessary element for the game show. Gather all the pieces for the set and create cue cards for the host. Additionally, create and print cards with the times of Mass and Reconciliation for your parish for the youth to take home.

Parental Notice

This week we talked about the importance of participating in the Sacraments and how the graces we receive from the Sacraments help us to follow God’s plan of giving us life to the full! Here are some questions to ask your youth this week:

  • What are the seven Sacraments?
  • Why are they important?
  • What is grace and what is one way we receive it?

We also encourage you as a family to make it a priority to go to Mass every Sunday and to Reconciliation at least twice a year. (Give the parents the times for Reconciliation and Mass at your parish).


Set up the room to look like a game show set. Put up fun colorful curtains or sequin drapes, and have a podium at the front of the room with a game show name on it like “The Get Free Grace Show” or some other funny name. You can also put up different names of game shows around the room.

Supplies List

• Game Show posters

• Game Show music

• Podium

• Bell/Buzzer

• Trivia Cue Cards or Slide Show

• Bubble Gum

• Paper Plates

• Handout of Mass and Reconciliation times for your parish

End of Free Preview

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