Puut-Putt Edge

An Edge Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The middle school youth will grow in community and get to know other youth in the group. Socials are typically a good way to gain interest from new youth or to break down cliques and encourage teens to meet new people. It is a great way to break up some of the teaching nights or to gain momentum for the beginning of a new semester or youth ministry year.

About this night

This is a fun Edge night that has great potential to really wow the teens. It will take the traditional game of mini golf and transform it into indoor glow in the dark putt-putt golf. From the moment youth walk through the door, they should be able to see the transformation of the room with this really cool environment. This is a perfect Edge night to take a break from the curriculum and have a fun-filled night with youth and Core Team! The night will begin with prayer, followed by game rules and team assignments. Then the teens will have an opportunity to play some mini golf and the night will end with fun awards, prizes, and prayer.

Before The night

Tell all middle school youth to come dressed in comfortable and light color clothing so that their clothes will glow with the black lights. Also, it might be funny if the Core Members come dressed in plaid golf polo’s and visors, for added effect.

Create an indoor mini golf course:

1. Plan the course to fit the available space.

  • Create a basic drawing of the space you plan to use on notebook or graph paper.
  • It does not need to be exact in size but should represent the overall shape of the room.
  • Plan out the course for mini golf – how many holes, where each one goes, and the general layout of each one.
  • When you design the layout, remember to end each hole at the beginning of the next so that players can simply step forward to the next green.

2. Use 2×4 wood or something comparable to build a frame for each hole.

  • You can build angles and corners into the course by planning holes to fit together like puzzle pieces; this will make the course more challenging and enjoyable.

3. Design the holes so that a hole-in-one is not impossible.

  • Build holes where you can bank the ball off of a hazard into the cup.
  • Make them challenging and try not to have any of the holes the same.

4. Use old sections of carpeting for the greens.

  • You can use any type of carpeting except shag because the fibers are too long. Concrete flooring is too smooth to control the ball.
  • If you don’t have old carpeting around try calling a near by hardware store and see if they have any old carpet they could donate.

5. Cut the carpet sections so that the carpeting meets the outside edge of the frame you have made for each hole.

  •  Turn the carpeting face down then lay it over the frame.
  • Nail the carpeting to the underside of the frame.
  • Turn the frame over so that the carpet becomes the base, or green, of the hole.

6. You can now place your obstacles along the green if you haven’t already built them into the frame.

  • Build your obstacles out of wood blocks, coffee cans with the ends cut out, or plastic containers with weights in them as bumpers.
  • The wood blocks can be nailed together as a “T” and placed at various angles to form corners or ramps (placed on its side).
  • The cans can be made into tubes.
  • Each obstacle can be moved or arranged to create a different course each time.

7. The “hole” for each course can be a cup on its side secured to the carpet.

8. Create a flag with the respective hole number to put on each putting green.

9. Once the course is completely set up with all the various obstacles put on the glow in the dark paint.

Swap all of the lights in the room with black lights to create the glow in the dark effect of the room.

Give each Core Member five stickers (each Core Member should have different stickers). One sticker is for them and then they will put the remaining four stickers on four youths’ hands as they come in the door (try to do two girls and two guys if possible). This will designate the teams for putt-putt golfing — adjust as needed for the size of the Edge group.


Environment is key to this night and will really be exciting for the Edge youth if it is done well. Make sure to do all the necessary prep work; it will take some time to collect all the supplies, especially if some of it is being donated. Make sure to leave enough time to make the course well; it is going to take a team effort to pull it off so be sure to rely on your Core Team for help!

Supplies List

  • Golf putters
  • Golf balls  (enough for your group, always good to have extra!)
  • Carpet squares
  • Wood (to make frames for the putt-putt course)
  • Background music
  • Score cards
  • Pencils
  • Prizes for the winning team
  • Material to create waterfalls
  • Material to make caves
  • Rockwork or rocks
  • Volcanoes
  • Black Lights
  • Glow in the dark necklaces
  • Glow in the Dark Paint

Various Stickers

Suggestions for Supplies

(2 months prior)

Put a memo in your parish bulletin asking for these supplies.

Make phone calls to local mini golf businesses and ask if they have anything old and laying around that you can use.

Call local hardware stores and see if they have any old carpet or wood they could donate

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