Relay Races

An Edge Social Night

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this Edge Night is to create a fun and welcoming environment to foster relational ministry and community in your ministry.

About this night

This is a fun night for team competition. This social is all about working together as a team, cheering each other on, and hopefully winning some great prizes. As a part of your Edge ministry, we recommend that you add social nights to help the Core Team and the youth to get to know each other and have some fun. Really enjoy the night and work together as a team. All Core Members are strongly encouraged to enter into the games and be relational with the youth.

As the youth enter the room, make sure that the Core Team is welcoming them in to the Edge Night. The night will begin with a general welcoming and recognition of birthdays and then an explanation of the night. While the youth are sitting in small group, they will each be given a piece of blank paper and markers and create a sign with their group’s name on it (which they choose) – similar to what you see runners wear in a marathon. Use a safety pin or two and have the youth attach the team name to the front of their shirts. Once the flow of the evening is explained, the youth will be dismissed to begin their relay races. Finish the night with a prayer.

Before The Night
You will need to prepare the Relay Course for the night. In this outline, some possible activities are given, but you may need to make some other activities based on your parish needs and resources.

Select which games you want to play and have the necessary supplies ready to go. You will also want to make sure that the room and game area, and other relay areas are set up for safety.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an Edge Social Night. The night was really an opportunity for us to build community and give your youth a chance to fellowship with his/her friends and to meet new friends.


Think “marathon starting line.” Make the room look as if you are ready for a big race. You can have tables with cups of water, signs cheering on runners, a big “Start” and “Finish” sign, and tape to mark where to begin. For added fun, have the Core Team dress up in sweat pants, sweat shirts, head bands, wrist guards, etc. as if they are ready to run the marathon.

Supplies List

Supplies needed will be based on games chosen as part of the Relay Races.

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