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Where Do I Pray?

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to provide the middle school youth with a clear understanding of the importance of praying both in community and as individuals. They will also learn where they can go to spend time in prayer.

About this night

This Edge Night will help the youth to understand the importance of sacred spaces and how they help us to be able to pray anywhere. The Gather begins with a fun welcome and introduction from the youth minister, as though everyone is getting a tour of the youth minister’s house. The Proclaim discusses the importance of prayer in community and as individuals, and how our prayer is enhanced by specific places designated for prayer. The Break allows time for the youth to brainstorm all of the places they can pray and look at the places they use for prayer now. During the Send, the youth will be challenged to create a prayer space somewhere in their house, and each youth will be given an item to place in it.

Contact parents or parishioners to see if there are items that you can borrow for the environment. If your budget is low, ask Core Members to each bring one item from home that can help transform the main meeting room into a middle school youth’s room.

Parental Notice

This week at Edge, we discussed the different places we can pray. It is important to pray both in a community, like Mass or here at Edge, but also as an individual. The church has spaces that help us to pray, but it is also our responsibility to set up spaces of prayer in our lives that lead us away from distraction and towards Christ. Here are some questions to ask your son or daughter about tonight’s Edge Night:

Why is it important for us to pray as a community and as individuals?

Where are places that you enjoy praying? What makes them special?

How can we create a sacred space at home to help our family pray?


The environment is critical for this night and is utilized in both the Gather and the Proclaim portions of the night. Transform the main gathering space into a bedroom that resembles that of a typical middle school youth. The more realistic the room looks the better. If you do not have a bed, use a long table and put pillows and blankets on it as though it was a made bed. Hang posters of celebrities and pictures of family and friends. Set up a desk with a computer, schoolbooks, and a backpack. Be sure to include a TV and video games somewhere in the room. In a corner of the room, set up a small end table piled high with clothing, books, empty food container, etc. (This will be transformed into a sacred space during the Proclaim, so be sure to have the materials for the sacred space ready to go somewhere near this end table.)

Supplies List

Prayer cards, small crucifixes, or statues (one for each youth)

Supplies for the environment (see Environment)

Table cloth or fabric



Statue of Mary


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