Secret Admirer

Revelation of God

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The middle school youth will understand that we can know God because He has revealed Himself to us. God’s revelation was fully given in Jesus and passed on to us through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

About this night

This night will help to set up the semester on Scripture. The youth will see that God desires for us to know Him and His infinite and unconditional love for us. The goal is to help the middle school youth become familiar and comfortable with Scripture.

This session will help introduce the middle school youth to the concept of Revelation. Creation reveals that there is a Creator, but creation alone does not fully reveal to us who God is. We come to know God in three ways: Tradition, Scripture and most fully in the Incarnation. Tradition is the faith passed on to us from those who first believed. The Scriptures are the written transmission and revelation of God’s plan of salvation. The final and complete revelation of God came through the Incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Before the Night

This semester is all about Scripture. Each week, the youth are challenged to read their Bibles and study various sections and verses through talks, small groups, and prayer services. Before the night/semester, either provide a Bible for each middle school youth or have them bring one from home. Seek out a ministry in your parish that may be willing to purchase Bibles for the youth. If each youth has the same Bible, it will make it easier for small group work.

Parental Notice

Tonight was an introduction for your youth to our semester on Sacred Scripture. We talked about how God has revealed Himself to us through creation, Tradition, Sacred Scripture and finally in His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible (Sacred Scripture) is a love story of how God has worked to bring salvation to His people. Although it was written more than 2,000 years ago, the Word of God still speaks to our lives today. It is necessary for us to read Scripture to know how God desires us to live our lives and understand His great love for us. God wants to be in a relationship with us and He has given us the Scriptures as a means to know and understand His great love.

In small group, your youth was also encouraged to become more familiar and comfortable with the Bible. We will continue to break open the Scriptures throughout the rest of this semester. Your youth was encouraged to find and discuss his/her favorite Scripture verse. Take some time and ask your youth what verse he/she found and why it was important. Share your favorite Scripture verse as well. If your youth asks you the best place to start reading the Bible, point them to the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Reading about Jesus’ life, mission, teachings, and ministry is a great place to begin understanding the rest of the Bible.

If your youth does not already have a Bible, we would like to strongly encourage you to get one for him/her. We will be using the Bible at each Edge session, so encourage him/her to bring his/her Bible each time.

Questions for the ride home (or throughout the week):

  • What did you learn about the Bible tonight?
  • How is God your “Secret Admirer”?
  • What does the Bible say about God’s love for you?
  • In what ways does reading the Bible help you deepen your relationship with God?
  • How could we as a family read Scripture together more?


“God is love”  1 John 4:16b

God had revealed Himself as “Love.”

For the environment, use large red hearts on the wall and other Valentine’s Day decorations. In the hearts, write love messages similar to ones found on candy hearts, but make them from a secret admirer.

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