So You Think You’re Catholic?

Why Be Catholic?

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of the Edge night is to help middle school youth understand the beauty of Catholicism and what it means to be a member of the Catholic Church. Middle school youth will learn about some important aspects of Catholicism and will be able to state their own thoughts on why they love being Catholic.

About this night

This Edge Night is designed to challenge the middle school youth to stop and reflect on why they are Catholic and what it means to them.  The Edge Night begins with the middle school youth being separated into small groups as they enter.  After everyone is welcomed the youth minister will lead a few rounds of “Catholic Trivia,” challenging small groups to answer basic questions about the Catholic faith. The Proclaim features a talk by a Core Member and includes a personal witness about what he or she loves about being Catholic.  The middle school youth will have a short time for small group discussion during the Break as well as a time for journaling asking God to help them understand their faith. The night concludes with the youth professing our Catholic faith together by reciting the Nicene Creed.

This is a good night to bring in a few high school students for a witness on why they are Catholic. Before the night, meet with these students and have them give their witness talks about why they are Catholic and how being Catholic influences their lives.

Parental Notice

During today’s Edge Night we talked about why we are Catholic.  For many youth they are following your faith — the faith of their families — but it is important for them to start viewing the faith as their own.  We spoke about a couple of aspects of Catholicism that bring joy to our faith and our lives, specifically, the Eucharist, Mass, and Mary.  The fact that we receive Christ in a physical, tangible presence in the Eucharist means that we can always be physically connected to Christ at Mass and in Adoration.

It is important that the youth have the chance to study and explore the beliefs of the Church as they begin to truly make it their own. There is always more to learn about the faith and if possible, spend some time with your youth looking through the Catechism to check out something that you and/or your child may have questions about this week.  Think about why you are Catholic and join in that conversation with your youth.

Here are some questions you can use to help start a conversation about the Edge Session:

  • What are some of the reasons why you are Catholic?  (Take some time to share with your son or daughter the reasons why you are Catholic as well.)
  • Are there areas of Catholicism that you want to learn more about? What can we do as a family to learn about them together?


The environment for this Edge Night should be set up like the set of a game show. Have a podium with the title of the game show, “So You Think You’re Catholic?” written on it. Have a large scoreboard to keep track of the scores of each team, and a Core Member dressed up as a game show host to lead the game.

Supplies List

• Bibles

• Projector

• Screen

• Buzzers for Trivia Game

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