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Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the youth learn and know the purpose of the parables that Jesus used throughout His public ministry.

About this night

Parables in the simplest definition are metaphors drawn from ordinary life that help the hearer or reader to learn a spiritual lesson. It is important to note, Jesus did not necessarily believe that parables were simple nor that every individual would properly understand each parable. The Greek word parabolh (parabolē) is used a total of 50 times in the New Testament (13 times in Mark, 17 in Matthew, 18 in Luke, and twice in Hebrews, but never in John). Parables, however, were used to convey a message with a spiritual significance. While some of the elements might seem strange to a 20th Century Christian, Jesus used situations and symbols of those who were in His audience to help them better understand His message.

The youth will begin the Edge Night with a chance to tell a story in small group that is supposed to teach a lesson, but may actually prove to be quite funny. This will transition into the Proclaim where the youth will hear and see a couple of parables before a Core Member shares more in depth about the purpose of parables. In small group, the youth will have a time to discuss parables, share what they know about parables, and use their creative skills to draw a parable. Conclude the Edge Night with a Lectio Divina (or meditation on Scripture). Be sure to send the youth home with a challenge to read a parable on their own and ask the Holy Spirit to help them understand the parable and what it teaches them about God.

Be sure to preview the short videos suggested in the Media section. These will be good to show the youth to help them understand one of the parables, but also to help with the small group activity. Have your projector, speakers, and computer set and ready to go before the Edge Night begins.

Parental Notice

Tonight’s Edge session broke open the parables of Jesus. Throughout the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, we have over 40 parables that Jesus used to teach his followers – they were stories that Jesus told to teach about the kingdom of God (kingdom of God is like a mustard seed or a lost coin), about living the Christian life (the parable of the Good Samaritan), and about God’s great love for us (the parable of the lost sheep or the parable of the prodigal son). Many of the elements in the parables are from Jesus’ time/era, however the messages are timeless. If we spend time reading and studying the parables, we can come to a better understanding of what Jesus was teaching through each parable. Your child was challenged this week to read through one or more of the parables – take some time to do this as a family!

Here are some questions to help start a conversation with your youth about what he/she learned during Edge:

  • What did you learn about parables tonight?
  • Why did Jesus teach using parables?
  • How do parables help us learn about the kingdom of God and about God’s great love for us?
  • Is there a parable you would like to learn and know more about?


Think storytelling! Imagine the room in the public library where children can go and hear a story. Have a larger carpet or blanket on the ground, a rocking chair, a few lamps, and books on bookshelves at the front of the room. This would be a great night for the Core Team to bring a large blanket for their small group to sit on together during the Proclaim.

Supplies List

• Notebook Paper

• Pens/pencils

• Blank paper

• Crayons/markers

• Bibles

• Projector/computer

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