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Vocations in the Church: Ordained and Consecrated Life

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to provide middle school youth with a clear understanding and appreciation of the ordained and consecrated life. They will learn about the path to ordination and consecration and begin to pray about the vocation that God may be calling them toward in their lives.


About this night

This Edge Night will introduce the youth to the vocations of ordained and consecrated life. Many young people have misconceptions about these vocations, and this night addresses those misconceptions and allows the youth to see their priests and religious brothers and sisters in a very real way. The Gather begins with a fun game where middle school youth race to put on the correct uniform for various professions. The Proclaim discusses the vocation to ordained and consecrated life, followed by an opportunity for an ordained man or consecrated religious to share with the youth the joys of his or her service to the Church. After a brief small group discussion to begin the Break, the youth will have a unique opportunity to write down ways they can live out the evangelical counsels now. The Edge Night will close by praying for the local seminarians.

Make sure you ask your parish clergy to be present for the Edge Night. It would also be great to invite some local religious brothers and sisters. If possible, invite one of them to share a personal testimony about their vocation. Be sure to promote prayer for vocations among your Core Team prior to the night as well, and advertise

Parental Notice

This week at Edge we discussed the vocations of ordained and consecrated life. We talked about why these vocations are important to the Church, and how we can more actively listen to God’s voice in our life. We challenged the middle school youth to be open to thinking about and praying about these vocations, and whether God may be calling them to be a priest, or a religious brother or sister.

Pray with and for your son about his possible vocation to serve as a deacon, priest, or religious brother; pray with your daughter about a vocation to serve as a religious sister.

Here are a few questions to ask your son or daughter about tonight’s Edge Night:

  • What did you learn tonight?
  • What is the ordained and consecrated life?
  • Why do people say “yes” to becoming a priest or religious brother or sister?
  • Are you open to the idea of becoming a priest, religious brother or sister if God were to ask you? Why or why not?


Decorate your main meeting room with different pictures of professions that require uniforms. In the front of the room, have objects that are part of religious habits and things that represent a priest’s “uniform” (e.g. a stole, chasuble, Roman collar). Additionally, have a picture of your parish priest(s), deacon(s), and your local bishop as well as the pope up front. If you have the ability, create a life size cutout of your parish priest to have up front at the Edge Night.

Supplies List

Toilet Paper (Three rolls foreach group)

• Clear tape (One for each group)

• PowerPoint – create a PowerPoint ahead of time of your parish priest/brothers/ religious sisters before they entered and show a progression of pictures up until now

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