The Old Testament - Fall of Man/ Original Sin

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Goal of this Night

The youth will understand that sin entered the world because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, but from the very beginning God had a plan of salvation to restore our relationship.

About this night

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” The truth is, because of Original Sin, sin and death have entered the world. As we read in Genesis 1 & 2, God created us to be in perfect union with Him. God gave Adam and Eve everything in the Garden of Eden, but told them not to partake of “the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” God is omniscient and He alone can know what is good and evil. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree, it was a sign of disobedience and desire to decide what would be good or bad, thus turning away from God.

Tonight’s session will help the middle school youth explore Genesis 3 through the temptations they struggle with. As the middle school youth enter, they will be tempted to partake of the goodies around the room. Through the Proclaim and small group activities, they will discover that God knows what is best for them and He has a plan for each one of them.

Parental Notice

This might be one of your favorite nights as a parent. As you may know, last week we discussed the creation of the world and tonight we went back to the Garden of Eden to read the rest of the story. We discussed how Adam and Eve were tempted to eat from the one tree in the garden that God specifically told them was off limits. Adam and Eve were tempted to be God-like and decide for themselves what is good and evil.

Your youth faced temptations tonight and was also given the chance to think about rules that he/she would change if he/she were in charge. Ultimately, God knows what is best for our lives and He wants to give us only the best. We must trust that God knows our needs and will give each of us all that we need, when we need it.

Discuss with your youth 1 or 2 of the rules they would change if they were in charge. After they share what rules they would change and how they would change that rule, discuss why certain rules are set within the family. Help the youth to understand that as a parent, you have his/her best interest at heart when you ask for the rules to be followed: you are not asking him/her to follow the rule because everyone else does it. Share with your youth that by giving rules and boundaries you are showing how much you care for and love him/her.


Have several tables set up around the room with eats and treats. The tables could have food, games, or other items they would enjoy. Have one table somewhere near the front that is covered and signs around it that say: “Do not peek” and “Do not touch.” If possible, also include a bit of the environment from the session prior on Genesis 1 & 2 to help the youth connect that session and this one.

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