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Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the middle school youth understand how the Bible was put together and that the Word of God is as living and active today as it was in the days of the biblical writers over 2,000 years ago who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

About this night

How the Bible came to be the Bible we read today is quite a story. This night will help the middle school youth understand not only how the Bible was assemble, but also the writers themselves. Often we don’t take time to understand the people who God inspired or even recognize how God is inspiring us with His Word still alive in our world today. This Edge Night will bring all this and more to life and a fun and creative way.

The Edge Night will start with a game called “Battle for the Truth” where true and false statements about the Bible will be read and the middle school youth will need to go to either the side of the room to choose if the statement is True or False. Immediately following the Gather, the Core Team will present the Proclaim of the night in a skit interviewing three of the Bible authors; Isaiah, David and John. As the night progresses, small groups will be given an opportunity to be creative and draw a story from one of the books in the bible to enhance the environment for the night, the Books of the Bible. The send will invite them to write a letter to their community similar to St. Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus, Corinth, Thessalonica, Philippi, etc., to show how the word of God still inspires and speaks to us today.

Prior to this Edge Night you will need to select and rehearse the Proclaim of the night so it comes off as a casual interview verses a scripted talk. Core Members should be assigned a book of the Bible before the Edge Night so that there is time to prepare and know a few things about that particular book – see the Break section for more details.

Parental Notice

During tonight’s Edge sessions, we discussed how the Bible was put together. During this night they witnessed three biblical authors, Isaiah, David and John, being interviewed about their books of the bible and who they are outside of what they wrote. In small groups, they created some artwork depicting one of the books of the Bible and closed the night in prayer where they were asked to recognize God’s inspired Word still alive in them.

Spend some time in silence this week as a family reflecting on the Sunday Scriptures. Ask your child how the Holy Spirit is speaking to him/her through the Word of God.


Place poster boards or newsprint around the room – one poster board/newsprint for each book of the Bible. If you have someone who is artistic or you have some good pictures, you could include images for some of the books of the Bible. For example, if you have a great picture of Adam and Eve – place that by the Genesis poster.

Supplies List

• Painters Tape

• Poster/newsprint with each book of the Bible listed

• Poster Board or Newsprint

• Markers

• Crayons

• Tape

• Costumes for the Proclaim

• Bibles

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