The Great Trilogy

Paschal Mystery

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the middle school youth understand and apply the Paschal Mystery to their lives.

About this night

This Edge Night will break down the three parts of the Paschal Mystery: Jesus’ Passion, His Death, and Resurrection (Jesus’ Ascension will be addressed in a separate Edge night). The Paschal Mystery is the central mystery of our redemption; it is here where God’s plan to save His people is accomplished through Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. It is completed in Jesus’ Glorious Resurrection. We encounter the saving effects of the Paschal Mystery through the sacramental life of the Church.

The night will begin with the a game called “Find Your Trilogy,” which will give the middle school youth an opportunity to meet two new people. Then we will move into the Proclaim, which will focus on the “trilogy” of the Paschal Mystery. Following the Proclaim, the middle school youth will have some time for discussion in their small groups. Each small group will have the opportunity to write a reflection and prayer for the Stations of the Cross, which will be used during the Send. In the Send, the whole group will gather together to pray the Stations of the Cross and “walk” through the events of Jesus’ Passion and death. The night will end with a celebration at the empty tomb to commemorate Jesus’ Glorious Resurrection!

You will need to make the tomb for the environment and Send. This will need to be prepared ahead time. The handouts for the Stations of the Cross  will also need to be printed out in advance. Also make sure that the Core Team is ready to go with their reflections for the Stations of the Cross (see the Break for more information).

Parental Notice

This night will introduce the most sacred events of our faith — Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection, which is known as the Paschal Mystery. We address these three saving events with the theme of “trilogy.” The Proclaim will break open what each of these events mean for our faith and for our lives. The basic challenge to each of us is to apply the Paschal Mystery to our lives by daily dying to our sin and rising into new life with Christ. Here are some questions to discuss with your child:

  • What did you learn about the Paschal Mystery tonight? What are the three events that are included?
  • What was significant about the suffering and death of Jesus? How does that impact our lives?
  • Why is the Resurrection central in our faith as Christians?


The night will start with a game called “Find Your Trilogy,” using examples from well-known movie trilogies. You may post names of those movies on poster boards around the room (for example: The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Spider Man, Toy Story, etc.). The following may change depending on where you are going to do your Send; if you are planning on doing the Stations of the Cross in a church or chapel, then this will not apply to you. If you are using a youth room or another space without Stations of the Cross, then you will need to hang posters to designate the 14 Stations of the Cross.

Lastly, wherever you are planning on having your Send, you will need to make a tomb. This will be where the final Station of the Cross (Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb) will end; this will also be where you celebrate the Resurrection and the Empty Tomb.

How to make a tomb:

  • Get a large appliance or refrigerator box.
  • Lay it on its side and cut the flaps off (you could use two boxes to make it even larger and piece them together).
  • Once it is the desired size, you can begin using marker or paint to make the outside look like stone; you can paint or cover the inside with black.
  • You can make the stone out of another piece of large cardboard and paint it to look like stone, or you could also use fabric to drape the front and sides.
  • At the end of the night the “stone” will be rolled away to reveal the empty tomb.

Supplies List

• Notecards with the trilogy movies written on them

• Poster board for the names of the trilogy movies

• Poster board for the Stations of the Cross if you are not using a church with existing Stations of the Cross

• “Stations of the Cross”Handouts

• Cardboard and art supplies (paint and markers) to construct the tomb – see environment

• Musician or a means to play music

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