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When Do I Pray?

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to continue to grow in their prayer life and to come to a greater understanding of when to pray. The goal is to help them come to have a structured and consistent prayer life so that they can begin, or continue, to foster a relationship with Jesus Christ.

About this night

The night begins with some fun time-based games, and then it moves into a teaching on different times to pray. The intention is to show the youth that they should make prayer a part of their everyday life. It is important to go to Adoration and Mass, but there are so many other times of the day to pray also. After the Proclaim, there will be a short video followed by a small group discussion. The Edge Night will end in silent prayer in the church with an encouragement for the youth to pick one time each day to start praying and to stick to it.

Get the grocery bag of random clothing items ready for the Crazy Hot Potato game during the Gather; ask for clothing donations or go to your local thrift or dollar store to get items.

Parental Notice

Today we talked about different times to pray.Your child was given some practical ideas during the day to pray to help him or her to remember to pray, and your child was also encouraged to make a commitment to one time during the day to pray. Ask your child what prayer commitments he or she made and help hold him or her accountable to this prayer time. Here are some questions to ask your child.

  • Why is it important to pray throughout the day?
  • What are three times during the day that you can start praying?
  • Do you think that praying throughout the day at specific times will make a difference in your life? Why?


This night focuses on different times of prayer, so put time related things around the room. Put up clocks, posters with time related words on them, watches, schedules, calendars, etc.

Supplies List

  • Brown paper grocery bags (one for each small group)
  • Clothing/accessory items (seven per bag)

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