Turning the Other Cheek

Forgiving Others

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to allow the middle school youth to learn about the importance of forgiveness.  They will learn why forgiveness is so important not only in their daily lives, but as a party of their relationship with God as well.

About this night

Oftentimes we find that it is hard to forgive someone for hurting us because we cannot let go (or forget) the suffering they have caused us.  Jesus is our best example of forgiveness.  Though many sinned against Him time and time again, Jesus always forgave.  Moreover, He exemplified the importance of the effect of forgiveness by calling sinners from their former life into a new life.  There are three types of forgiveness that we may experience in our lives: the forgiveness of others, forgiveness by others and forgiveness of ourselves.  It is important that Catholics understand that in order to exist in true communion with the Spirit, they must learn to forgive others as well as themselves.

The night begins with an activity that might prove to be frustrating for your group.  The idea of the activity is to help the youth recognize how easily we can get angry when someone messes up, but how hard it is for us to forgive him/her.  The talk and witness will help the youth to better understand our need to forgive and then they will receive time to pray and write a letter to someone they need to forgive.  During small groups, the youth will also read through the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:23-35) and apply the parable to a situation in their own lives.


For the environment, have a large cross front and center in the room.  Using large butcher paper, write some of the various Scripture verses mentioned throughout the night and post them on the wall.

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