Two Become One

The Sacrament of Marriage

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to discuss that marriage as a sacrament and a covenant between one man and one woman. The youth will learn the importance and significance of the vows and symbols used during the marriage ceremony.

About this night

Marriage is a covenant made between a man and a woman. The sacrament mirrors the relationship between Jesus and His Church, but we see the design for marriage and the family from the book of Genesis. Marriage is the oldest institution in human history. It is the institution of one man and one woman joined together in union “until death do us part.” Man was created in God’s image and from man came woman – they were of one flesh. Although there have been many views of marriage throughout the centuries, as Catholics, we believe that through marriage the two become one. The discussion for this Edge Night is to focus on marriage as a sacrament between one man, one woman, and God.

This night has a lot of possibilities depending on what you are able to accomplish prior to the night. The Edge Night begins with a fun three-legged race to help the youth see how “two become one.” Next, the youth will see a clip from the animated movie Up by Disney/Pixar. Process with them the life-long commitment the couple makes to each other. There will be less time in small group tonight because of the activities at the beginning of the night. However, be sure to break into small groups so the youth can process what they are hearing and learning. The night will conclude with a couple from the parish (possibly from Core Team) renewing their wedding vows.

Before The Night
Ask a couple from your parish, possibly from your Core Team, to renew their wedding vows during the Edge Night. Contact your pastor and/or a deacon to be present to officiate the ceremony.

Also, ask the Core Team to bring popcorn or another easy-to-share snack for the youth to have during the movie clip (see Media Suggestions).

Parental Notice

We had a great night tonight talking about the Sacrament of Marriage. Middle school youth today hear many issues regarding the definition of marriage. God’s original intention for marriage can be found in Genesis 2 where the two become one. During Jesus’ earthly ministry, He reminds us of the original intention and importance of marriage and elevates it to a sacramental union between a man and a woman. In the Sacrament of Marriage, the man and woman become one and work, serve, and pray to lead each other closer to Christ.

Share with your child the joys and struggles of marriage. How have you seen the grace of God at work in your marriage? Help your child to begin praying and discerning what God’s will is for his/her life.


Set the front of the room up as either a dining room or living room from a typical house in your area. Make the scene feel “home-y” and comfortable. Around the rest of the room, have quotes from songs and/or movies about love hanging on the walls. “All you need is love”; “Stop in the name of love”; “Can’t buy me love,” etc.

Supplies List

• Rope

• Orange cones

• Pens/pencils

• Poster board

• Markers

• Notebook paper

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