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Catholics and Other Christians

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the middle school youth understand the relationship between Catholics and other Christians, and Christ’s desire for all to be united as one.


About this night

Jesus Christ desired all along that his Church be one. Even though there is division in the Christian Church, we are called to unity. We have confidence in the Holy Spirit who has been leading the Catholic Church from the beginning to continue to guide and protect, giving us the one, true faith. Still, we cannot neglect other followers of Christ and must pray for them and work together for the salvation of the world.

This Edge Night will introduce the topic of Catholics and other Christians with a small group competition to build bridges. During the Proclaim, the middle school youth will be affirmed in their Catholic faith and encouraged to find unity with other Christians. In small groups they will discuss ways to live out ecumenism. Finally the Send will briefly explain the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and present the octave of prayer, challenging the youth to finish it on their own before the next Edge Night.

Parental Notice

This week at Edge, we looked at the relationship between Catholics and other Christians. Although many things divide us from our Christian brothers and sisters, it is important to work towards unity. In this work for unity, we must be strong in our conviction that Jesus established one Church, which finds its fullness in the Catholic Church. The separation of our non-Catholic Christian friends creates wounds in the body of Christ, so we should work together by praying for each other and bringing Jesus into the world through charitable acts of hope and joy. Some possible questions for the ride home:

  • Who are some of our friends who are Christian, but not Catholic? Do we ever take the time to share Christ with one another?
  • How is being Catholic important to who we are as a family?
  • Can we all agree to a monthly prayer time as a family, praying for unity for all Christians?


This environment will represent unity. Create outlines of bodies using big rolls of paper. Trace the bodies of Core Members and cut them out. Post the outlines around the room with the hands of each outline linked or overlapping. Various colors of paper can be used. In the front of the room you can add a globe and maps to show the global sense of oneness.

Supplies List

• Large roll of paper

• Projector

• Screen

• Bridge building kit items for each small group (Popsicle sticks, poster putty, paper clips, string, glue)

• Bowl of water for each small group

• Poster board

• Markers

• Copies of handout

• Small stones

• Pens or pencils

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