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Introduction to the Sacrament

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to introduce the middle school youth to the seven sacraments and for the youth to begin to see them as gifts from God that make present here on earth a reality of his life and grace within us. The youth will understand that sacraments do something in our lives and that they are a way for us to experience God more profoundly.

About this night

Some of the middle school youth may feel that this semester topic on sacraments has been done before and they “know it all” when it comes to these topics. This night will reintroduce the idea that God is trying to break into their lives through seven particular ways. This night is meant to build upon the foundation they have received from previous formation on this topic and leave with a better understanding of how the sacraments are meant to experience God and receive His grace.

The night begins with the youth being greeted by the various “sacraments” walking around the room. The youth will compete in a small group scavenger hunt based upon items used in each of the sacraments. The teaching tonight will unveil the new semester topic and will present an overview of sacraments and why we have them and what they do. There will be an opportunity in small groups to find in Scripture where the sacraments come from and how Christ instituted them. The night will conclude with a challenge for all the youth to frequent the sacraments at their parish as much as possible.

Before The Night
Fill out the “Sacrament Pledge Card” (Handout C on pages 13-14) with your parish’s information on the sacraments. Be sure to list pertinent information (websites, phone numbers) to provide the youth with as much information as possible.

Parental Notice

Tonight we began our new semester theme on the Sacraments. This is a topic about which we can continue to grow in our understanding. Throughout the course of the semester, the youth will learn about each sacrament and see how they do something real in our lives. The youth were reminded that sometimes we might not feel God in our lives, but that the Sacraments are ways that we can experience His love, grace, and power acting in us. The more we receive the sacraments (Eucharist, Reconciliation) the more we are able to receive God’s grace in our lives.

Here are a few questions to ask your child:

  1. What are the sacraments that you have received so far? What do you remember about receiving each one of the sacraments?
  2. What were some of the signs and symbols you learned about tonight with each sacrament (water, oil, candle, etc.)?
  3. What is the point of sacraments? Why did Christ give them to us?
  4. Share your sacramental memories with your child.


Create a “party” theme for this night. This could be done with streamers, signs and posters, etc. There should not be a certain theme (i.e. birthday party), so leave it as a general party setting that welcomes the youth upon entering.

Have Core members dressed up as each of the sacraments:

Baptism – baby (you can also include parents & godparents)

Eucharist – “Eucharist-Man” (this can be done by creating a giant cardboard circle that a Core member wears)

Confirmation – dove, bird, or a bishop with oil

Reconciliation – person walking around “in a box” looking for confession

Anointing of the Sick – person with crutches or wheelchair, hospital wear

Holy Orders – priest; this should be reserved for the male Core Members

Holy Matrimony – husband and wife in wedding dress and tuxedo

The Sacrament Core members should be walking around as the youth enter the room. They should engage in conversation and have the youth try to guess what sacrament they represent.

Supplies List

• Sacrament costumes

• Party supplies

• Supplies for each group for scavenger hunt: water, oil, rings, priest collar, thermometer, white shirt, candle, red bird (cut-out) or fire, bread, dirt

• Ice cream sundae • Handout A: “Sacraments in Scripture”

• Handout B: “I Need Your Help”

• Handout C: “Sacrament Pledge Cards”

• Bibles

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