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Sacraments and Grace

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this Edge Night is to give the youth an appreciation for the wonder and awe of the Sacraments. They should come to a deeper understanding that grace is a free gift from God that is offered to us and is necessary for us to live lives to the full. This night is also an introduction to the Sacraments and will briefly introduce the idea that each Sacrament has graces to help us at each stage of our lives.

About this night

This night should be a fun first night of the semester. It will hit on the main theme for the semester, which is the role of grace in the Sacraments and the importance of that grace. Emphasize the fact that we get excited to open presents on our birthdays and on Christmas and should be even more excited to receive the gift of grace in the Sacraments.

This night will begin with a fun relay race and some funny YouTube videos of kids opening presents. Then there will be a teaching on the importance of grace and how we receive it in every Sacrament as free, undeserved help from God. Then there will be a time for small groups and the night will end in prayer and an ice cream sundae party.

Before the Night

Wrap clothes and accessories for the relay race at the beginning of the night. You need to have at least one item for each youth in attendance so be sure to collect enough things either from donations or a thrift store. Buy all the supplies for an ice cream sundae bar. Make sure to have the tables set up and all the toppings and ice cream put out before the youth are sent over at the end of the night.

Parental Notice

Tonight we talked about grace and how it is a free gift of God that is given to us to help us throughout our lives and to bring us into a deeper union with Him. We also discussed how graces are given to us through the Sacraments and how each Sacrament has graces to help us in each stage of our lives, with the Eucharist being the summit. Here are some questions to ask your youth:

  • What is grace?
  • How do we receive grace?
  • Why are the Sacraments so important?


The theme for the night is free gifts. Decorate the room with wrapped presents, wrapping paper, bows, or “winning” lotto tickets. Put up posters that just say “Free” on them.

Supplies List

• Random articles of clothing/accessories

• Boxes to wrap

• Wrapping paper

• Tables

• Audio/Visual Projection Equipment

• Ice cream

• Ice cream scoop

• Ice cream toppings

• Bowls, spoons, napkins

End of Free Preview

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