Yes, Mother

Mary, Mother of God

Edge Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Edge Night is to give a better understanding of Mary as Mother of God and its implications for the middle school youth and their faith.

About this night

As Catholics, we refer to Mary as the Mother of God. Since Jesus was fully human and fully divine, we cannot separate the two and just call Mary the Mother of Jesus. Rather, she is Mother of God because we can never remove the divinity of Jesus from His person. Mary is truly the Mother of God. At the cross, Jesus places us in the care of Mary, and all humanity receives her as their Mother. Not only is she our Mother, but she is also the Mother of the Church. As Mother of all, Mary is our greatest advocate and example of charity. She is inviting us into relationship with her and her Son. She desires nothing more than for us to embrace Jesus as our Savior. To fully accept Jesus is to also accept His Mother.

After a fun introductory game, the middle school youth will learn about Mary as Mother of God through a skit, followed by a short talk for the Proclaim. In small groups, they will discuss the role of Mary as Mother and create their own prayer sheets with the words of the Magnificat. Finally, they will pray the Magnificat during the Send, asking specifically for Mary to intercede as their Mother that they might more actively and firmly say yes to God.

Use the YouTube videos “50 Reasons why 50 Teens Pray with Mary, Mother of God” and “May Feelings II” as samples to create your own video on the role of Mary as Mother. If possible, use high school teens in the video. The middle school youth often look up to high school teens, so it would mean a lot to see them in the video.

Parental Notice

While it’s easy for us to understand that Mary is the Mother of Jesus, it’s not necessarily easy to understand the title “Mother of God.” As the middle school youth learned at Edge Night, since Jesus is fully divine, it is right to call Mary the Mother of God. The title “Mother of God” tells us more about Jesus than Mary. Consider the following questions for discussion this week:

  • How can we embrace Mary as our Mother?
  • Mary said yes to God’s plan; why don’t we always say yes to God?
  • How can we say yes to God in difficult times?


To emphasize Mary’s motherhood, the environment should be set up like a baby shower. Wrap empty boxes as gifts, buy some baby bottles, and perhaps project an image on the screen saying, “It’s a boy.” This will lend nicely to the opening game. In addition, get some rose-scented air fresheners and make the entire room smell like roses, bringing out the persona of Mary as the Mystical Rose.

Supplies List

• Statue or picture of Mary

• Copies of “Mother of God” skit

• Markers or crayons

• Copies of “Song of Joy” Handout for all youth

• Bibles for each small group

• Construction paper

• Scissors

• Glue

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