The purpose of this course is to help students understand that it is only through Christ that they can fully live out God’s plans for their lives. Students are to learn the moral concepts and precepts that govern the lives of Christ’s disciples.

Chain Reaction: The Reality and Effects of Sin

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand the reality of sin in this world and the effects it has on the world. This night will better equip the teens to fight the battle against sin and evil. This night will also look at how God’s mercy and love is stronger than sin. Finally, this night will challenge the teens to follow the example of Christ and choose God over sin.

This Life Night deals with the topic of Original Sin and its effects. This night helps the teens see the chain reaction that has occurred since the first sin. The night begins by using the imagery of dominoes to demonstrate how one thing clearly causes another. The Proclaim and Break will give the teens the opportunity to see how sin caused a chain reaction that affects us today. The Send of the night will illustrate a different chain reaction, but this time it’s one caused by God, not man. Christ’s obedience to God on the Cross caused grace and forgiveness to once again be offered to us. The teens will renew their baptismal promises and sign themselves with holy water to remind them that God conquered Original Sin.

In Pursuit: God’s Plan for Our Happiness

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce the semester on morality. This night will also help the teens understand God’s desire for our happiness and freedom. The night will challenge the teens to see God’s law as a way to help us live in His freedom and not as a hindrance to our freedom.

This night marks the beginning of the Morality Semester. God desires that we would live as He created us, free and loving. This night will look at what law means for our lives; law is not something that hinders our freedom, but is rather something that allows us to live as God intended. This night will begin with an icebreaker where each teen will meet other teens with similarities. After the icebreaker there will be a humorous skit that will transition into the teaching. The teaching will focus on God’s plan for our lives and what it means to live according to His plan. Each teen will have a chance to discuss the teaching in their small groups that will be divided out by grade. The night will conclude with a time of reflection and prayer that will encourage each teen to bring their lives to God’s altar.

Gimmie a Break: Sabbath Rest – Third Commandment

The goal of this night is to help the teens understand that the Sabbath day is a holy day and a day we must honor. The night will also challenge the teens to see Sunday as a day of rest, grace, remembrance, and resurrection.

This night is focused on the Third Commandment, “keep holy the Sabbath Day,” and the importance that commandment has in our lives. Many times we are busy on Sundays and we do not set aside adequate time for God. The night will begin by assigning every teen a task that will keep them “busy.” After a teaching on keeping holy the Sabbath Day, the teens will break into small groups to discuss questions that will apply the teaching to their lives. After small groups, the large group will have an opportunity to celebrate an actual Lord’s Day celebration. This is an old prayer that Christians pray on the vigil of the Lord’s Day to prepare for the Sunday Eucharist. There is also a Parent Night on this same topic. If possible, have the Life Night and Parent Night on the same evening and conclude the sessions in prayer together.

Legit Defense: Death Penalty and the Fifth Commandment

The goal for this Life Night is to help the teens understand the Fifth Commandment as it relates to the death penalty and self-defense. This night will also challenge the teens to see that every life, no matter what someone did, has dignity because every person is created in God’s image and likeness.

Although pretty well understood, the Fifth Commandment encompasses issues like the death penalty that can be very tough to navigate. This night will require many hours of preparation and prayer. This night will not only challenge your teens’ perspectives, but also challenge Core Members and parents. Be ready to have a follow-up discussion after the night concludes. This Life Night begins with a light-hearted small group game to help get the teens talking to one another. After the game, the teaching will discuss the issues of self-defense, the death penalty, and the limits of science and health on human body testing. From the teaching, the whole group will discuss these issues together in a large group setting. The night will close by praying for those who are imprisoned, on death row, and victims of crimes, as well as for the protection of all human life.

*Pastoral Note
The topic of the death penalty is a controversial topic. When planning and preparing for this Life Night, it is imperative that everyone involved is well educated and prepared to present the topic to teens. Spend time as a Core Team learning the Church’s teaching on this topic. If necessary, bring in a theologian who can help teach and shed light before any planning begins. This will help you dictate the direction of the Life Night for your teens.

News Feed: Media and the Eighth Commandment

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand the importance of perception through social media. This night will also challenge the teens to be people of integrity when they use technology and to commit to using media in a healthy moderation.

More and more, media is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. This Life Night seeks to help the teens understand how media and the Eighth Commandment work together. The night will begin with a friendly competition between small groups to come up with the best “status updates” for different topics. Following the competition, the teaching for the night will challenge the teens to use media with responsibility and integrity. In small groups, the teens will discuss their use of media and create a plan that helps them limit the amount of time using media. Finally, the night will close with a reflection on Pope Benedict XVI’s message on the role of media in our current culture.

Happy Days: The Beatitudes

The goal for this Life Night is to help the teens live a life of beatitude. This Life Night will look at the Beatitudes as a fruit of discipleship and challenge the teens to embrace the life of holiness outlined in the Beatitudes.

The Life Night begins with a fast-paced competition between teens of matching the first and second parts of the Beatitudes. After a teaching on the Beatitudes and the call to holiness, the teens will break up into small groups to discuss the role of the Beatitudes in their lives. The night will end with a recap of the semester and close with a time of silent Eucharistic Adoration.

What’s Your Sabbath?: Third Commandment

The goal for this night is to remind parents of their personal obligation to “keep holy the Sabbath Day” as well as their obligation to help their children to follow this commandment.

This night is a parent version of the Life Night “Gimmie A Break.”  This night, like the Life Night for the teens, challenges the participants to look at how they can keep holy the Sabbath day. Ideally, this Parent Night and the Life Night are run simultaneously on a Sunday evening. This night begins with a time for the parents to mingle and get to know one another. The Proclaim will explain the Third Commandment and how we are called to live it out today, particularly as families. The parents will then have time to discuss the topic. Finally, the teens and parents will gather together for a Lord’s Day celebration to conclude the night.

Gifted: Christian Purity – Sixth and Ninth Commandments

The goal of this night is to help the teens understand the virtues of chastity and purity and their responsibility to practice those virtues in all relationships. This night will also challenge the teens to protect their sexuality and treat it as a gift from God.

This night will have the theme of “gift,” beginning with the environment and the opening games. The night will begin with two fun games that will involve the teens and then transition into the Proclaim for the night. This talk will unpack what it truly means to live a life of purity. After the Proclaim, guys and girls will break into separate groups to discuss what was presented in the talk. It will give an opportunity for each group to open up with their peers of the same sex. The night will close with each group writing and sharing a prayer that they wrote for the opposite sex. Also, each person will be  given a prayer partner, whom they will commit to pray for during the upcoming week.

The La La Game

Jackie Francois leads a game that she calls “The La La Game.” The girls and boys that were at Steubenville West compete against each other to determine what song Jackie is singing using only the words “La” and “La.”

Praise & 80s

I’m going to guess what you’re thinking: you’re wondering what would happen if you combined worship music with 80’s music? You’re in good company because Ike Ndolo wonders the same thing! See what happens when he combines the two genres!

Rooted in God’s Love

Chris Padgett talks about how God continually seeks out His people. He created out of love, which makes us rooted in Love. He talks about what love is and whether it actually exists.

Good Morning

Eric wakes up to a nightmare of demands from the people in his life, each requiring his full attention and priority

Family Ties

Kelly and her mom reminisce on stories of their relationship and past family experiences

Image and Likeness

Charlie and Lisa share the story and goodness of how men and women were created