The purpose of this course is to give an overview of Sacred Scripture with an introduction to the basic principles for understanding and interpreting the Bible. Because of the extent of the scriptural material, this outline will not try to cover the vast content but rather offer comments about Scripture’s purpose and religious significance. Given […]

Tweeting #Jesus: The New Testament Epistles

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce teens to the New Testament Epistles and explain why they were important to the early Church and are important to our faith today. It will challenge teens to imitate the boldness of the writers in their own communication with others.

This Life Night focuses on the message of hope and encouragement found in the Epistles.  Teens will learn more about the call to preach the Gospel with their lives – making sure that they are living out what they profess to believe.  The Life Night starts with a small group building challenge where groups will have to rely on the written instructions of one of their team members to build a simple block structure.  The Proclaim will break down the topic by exploring some of the main themes of the New Testament Epistles. During the Break, teens will get into small groups and examine some of the New Testament letters. They will then write a letter of their own to encourage their peers in the faith.  The night ends with a few teens sharing their letters in the large group

Divine Music: The Psalms

The goal of this session is to inspire teens to experience the beauty and power of praying the Psalms, help them understand why the Psalms were written, and provide an experience of Liturgy of the Hours.

The Book of Psalms consists of 150 song-prayers traditionally ascribed to the authorship of King David.  Pope Benedict XVI tells us, “These inspired songs teach us how to speak to God, expressing ourselves and the whole range of our human experience with words that God himself has given us.”  This night begins with a fun game to get the teens thinking about all the different songs they know and the emotions they express.  The teaching gives the history of the Psalms, explains how Jesus prayed them, and expresses the value of praying them in the Church today.  During the Break each small group will have the opportunity to dig deeper into the meaning of specific Psalms.  The night will close with a large group prayer experience sharing different Psalms.

Vacation Bible School: Pentateuch

The goal of this Life Night is to give teens an overview of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, and to demonstrate how they prefigure and help us understand Christ.

This Life Night utilizes imagery teenagers will be familiar with from children’s Bible stories in order to challenge them to a deeper understanding of Sacred Scripture, especially the Pentateuch. The first five books of the Bible can be difficult to understand, and unless a teenager knows how to read them correctly, they can even seem childish. This night begins by putting teenagers into a “Vacation Bible School” environment, with lots of depictions of Bible stories for children. The Gather features a popular VBS sing-a-long song that will give the teens an opportunity to be goofy as the night begins. This transitions into a brief teaching that gives an overview of the Pentateuch and explains how we are to interpret it within our Catholic Tradition. Teens will attend three rotating sessions during the Break. They will be given an opportunity to learn about specific passages within the Pentateuch and how they prefigure Christ. Teens will have an opportunity to discuss these passages at each rotating session. The night closes with a prayer that utilizes the “Shema” found in Deuteronomy 6:4-6; this is the commandment to love God above all else. During a brief reflection, teens will prayerfully examine how they have failed to love God with their whole mind, soul, and body – and will resolve to give themselves to God in the coming week.

Fullness of Time: Divine Revelation

The goal of this Life Night is to help teenagers understand how God has revealed Himself throughout history, particularly through Sacred Scripture. It will challenge the teens to respond to that revelation in their own lives.

This Life Night begins the semester on Sacred Scripture. Its focus is on the ways that God has revealed Himself to us, which are expressed most perfectly in Christ. The night begins with teenagers being challenged to participate in a discussion that is well above their current level of theological knowledge (and language ability). This challenge leads into the teaching for the session, which explains the necessity of God’s revelation of Himself over time and why it was important that God prepared people for the coming of Christ. The Break gives teens an opportunity to reflect on how Christ is revealed in their own lives using a discussion modeled off several passages from Sacred Scripture. The night ends with the teens being introduced to the prayer of Lectio Divina as a way to hear God’s voice.

The Family Bible: Catholics and the Bible

The goal of this night is to help teens understand the integral role of Scripture in the Catholic Church and address misconceptions people may hold about Catholics and the Bible.

This Life Night begins with a game that challenges teens of different grade levels in their knowledge of Sacred Scripture and popular literature. The game transitions into the teaching, which addresses the relationship between the Catholic Church and Sacred Scripture, as well as misconceptions that exist about the relationship between the two. Teens break into small groups to discuss the teaching from the night and how they can grow in their love of Scripture. The Send for the night teaches teens to pray the Rosary using the Luminous Mysteries, and then it gives them an opportunity to engage in this beautiful prayer.

Word of Mouth: Origins of the Bible

The goal of this night is to help the teens understand how the Bible came together. They will recognize that God used human authors to write down Scripture and see how reading and praying Scripture should be an important part of their every day lives.

This Life Night begins with a friendly competition of guessing specific characters in the Bible. After, the night will move into a teaching that helps the teens understand how the Bible came together. The Break will give the teens an opportunity to discuss the importance of Scripture in their every day lives. The night will close with a time of prayer, giving the teens a chance to write their own psalm.

Pentateuch Video Teaching

Lily Hannon, a youth minister, talks about how important it is to make sure that as we mature in life, our understanding of Scripture should mature as well. She focuses in on the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible.

Year of Faith

This video was created specifically for the “Year of Faith.” It incorporates Sacred Images, quality graphic design, and encouragement on how to enter fully into the “Year of Faith.” By Faith, countless souls have given everything to God – may we follow in their example to live by faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for faith and God will grant it to you.

Scripture Scramble

In this game of “Scripture Scramble,” you will see four events from Scripture. Your task is to put the events in order starting with the event that happened first!

Life Teen Logo Loop

This is a loop of the Life Teen logo placed in front of different colored backgrounds.

Scripture Aptitude Test

Bradley Opitz, a youth minister, heads to a Catholic High School to test some teens’ knowledge of the Scripture! Watch to see if you can pass this Scripture Aptitude Test.

Once Upon A Time: Scripture Semester Introduction, God's Story & Our Story

The goal of this night is to introduce the semester on Scripture. This Life Night will help the teens understand that they, even now, are characters in the story of salvation. The teens will also learn about the power of the Word and its central place in the Catholic faith.

This Life Night begins a new semester on Scripture. It is important to take time to gather as a Core team to reflect and pray about how this semester will unfold for the teens in the community. To help prepare, watch the semester introduction found on Life Teen Video Support 9 and read through the Core Catechesis section of this book found on pages 5-6.

This Life Night begins by taking the teens back to their childhood storybooks. As the teens enter, they will be given a snack and an opportunity to socialize. After a brief time of introduction and a get-to-know-you game, the teens will compete in a competition where they will guess the names of children’s stories or nursery rhymes through either live charades or a taped skit. The competition will lead into a teaching on God’s revelation in Scripture and practical ways Scripture can become part of their daily lives. The Break will give the teens an opportunity to write their story or testimony down as a way to see how their story fits into God’s story. The night will end with a time or prayer and veneration of the Word.

Kingdom Come: Miracles & the Kingdom of God / Gospels of Luke & Matthew

The goal of this night is to help the teens see how the Kingdom of God is proclaimed by Christ in His words (parables) and His actions (miracles), specifically in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The teens will see how miracles are still happening in their own lives and be given practical ways to apply Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus came to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God in our midst. He used parables to help us understand the Kingdom and performed miracles as a sign of the coming of the Kingdom. This Life Night will focus on the parables and miracles in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. It starts with a humorous interruption by two characters leading into a “man on the street” video about miracles and kingdoms. The teaching for the night will break open the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. During the Break, the teens will have the opportunity to read and reflect on different miracle stories. Finally, the Send involves praying for God’s Kingdom to become more visible on Earth.

I Told You So!: Old Testament Prophecies / Incarnation

The goal of this night is to help the teens understand that the coming of the Messiah was prophesized more than 700 years before His birth. This night will also help the teens understand that the Incarnation is the lynchpin of Scripture and the story of salvation. Finally, the teens will be challenged to invite Christ to be the central part of their own lives, especially through devotion to the Eucharist.

The coming of Christ was foretold more than 700 years before His actual Incarnation. This Life Night takes a deeper look at the Incarnation and how we are called to continually invite Christ into our heart. The night begins with a Christmas theme and a competition based on popular Christmas songs. The teaching for this night is given by the different prophets that spoke about the coming of the Messiah. The Break challenges the teens to find the fulfillments of Old Testament prophesies regarding Christ and ends with a small group discussion. In the Send, the teens will have an opportunity to encounter the incarnate Christ in Eucharistic Adoration.

In The Beginning: Creation and Fall of Man

The goal for this Life Night is to help the teens recognize God’s plan of salvation from the beginning of creation. This night will also address the issues commonly associated with this Scripture, such as evolution. This Life Night will give the teens practical ways to live in hope of the promise of redemption and the coming of Christ.

The debate about how the world was created is often a heated one. Creationism, evolutionism (and every theory in between) often pits science and religion against one another. This Life Night starts with the teens breaking open the stories of creation in the Bible with skits. After the skits, they are reminded that the point of the stories is not HOW God created the world, but WHY He created it. The teaching for the night demonstrates how God’s incredible love for us is evident in the biblical stories of creation and is continued through the Incarnation of Christ. The story of creation ends with Adam and Eve ejected from Eden, but our story continues with Jesus offering himself as a sacrifice for those and all future sins. The small group discussion gives the teens a chance to examine the Fall of Adam and Eve and connect this story of original sin with the sin they see in their own lives. Finally, the Send gives teens an opportunity to seek God’s forgiveness for their sins through Christ and invite and accept His love again.

I Swear: Covenants

This Life Night will give the teens an introduction and overview of the Old Testament covenants God made with His people. This night will cover the signs and promises of each covenant and how the Israelites chose to follow (and not follow) God’s covenants. Finally, this night will give the teens an opportunity to  look at the covenants between themselves and God.

This Life Night gives a big picture look at Scripture and salvation history through the lens of covenants. Many teens have learned to be skeptical of promises and often withhold trust from family and friends. This Life Night will look at the promises that God has made in Scripture as well as the promises that He has made to them specifically. The night starts with a quick game that helps explain the concept of a covenant. The game is followed by a funny skit about Jesus’ promises to us. The Proclaim gives an overview of the covenants in Scripture and how each covenant included a larger group of people. Rotating sessions in the Break will help the teens see how God’s promises and covenants are still at work in the different communities in their lives. Finally, the Life Night closes with an opportunity for the teens to renew their Baptismal promises.

Big Mouth: The Law and the Prophets

The goal of this night is to show how the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) was the cornerstone to the messages of the Old Testament prophets, the “mouthpieces” of God. This night will also challenge the teens be modern-day prophets by proclaiming the Good News in their everyday lives.

The prophets of the Old Testament can feel intimidating and teens often have a hard time relating the messages of the prophets to their daily lives. This night will help the teens discover the prophets as men who were able to hear God’s call in their lives and had the courage to spread His message, even if it wasn’t popular. The night begins with a listening activity that demonstrates how difficult it can be to discern the “one true voice” of God in the midst of the chaos of our lives. The teaching describes the mission and role of the prophets and as well as the purpose of the Law of Moses in the Old Testament. In small groups the teens will be given the opportunity to dive into one of the prophets a little more and discuss the effectiveness of the prophet’s message on the people who heard it. Finally, the teens will use Lectio Divina to spend some time listening for God’s call in their own lives and discerning who they know that most needs to hear God’s message.

Drag and Gary: Lent

Everyone’s two favorite puppets (aside from Kermit and Miss Piggy): Drag and Gary! This episode of Drag and Gary is all about the Season of Lent and preparing for Easter.

Saintly Minute: St. Stephen

This Saintly Minute is all about St. Stephen, a man known for his miracles. He was stoned to death and is considered the first Christian Martyr

Mitre Hat Game

Looking to play a game with a Mitre Hat? Play the game that the Pope loves to play in his spare time: the Mitre Hat Game.

Saintly Minute: St. Jerome

This Saintly Minute is all about St. Jerome, a man who was fluent in both Latin and Greek. He translated the Old Testament and he was a priest that traveled to many places

Drag and Gary: Odd Scriptures

Everyone’s two favorite puppets (aside from Kermit and Miss Piggy): Drag and Gary! This episode of Drag and Gary is all about crazy stories in Scripture. Like the Book of Numbers and Tobit getting pooped on by a bird.

In-Sense Teaching

Todd Lemieux talks about how to impress people at a party that serves caviar. He also talks about how tradition leads the Church, not only scientific facts. There is no conflict between Scripture and Tradition.

Word on the Street

Word on the street is that a lot of people know facts about the Bible. Watch as Jen interviews some smart university students about basic Bible facts! You’ll be surprised to hear their answers.

I Am

Who am I? There are many lies that a teen can believe about themselves: I am ugly, I am a burden, I am fat. But, no “I am” statement can compare to the great “I am.” Christ tells us, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:16).