Social Justice

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the Church’s Social Teaching. In this course students are to learn how Christ’s concern for others, especially the poor and the needy, is present today in the Church’s social teaching and mission.

Free!: Freedom of Religion

The goal for this night is to understand and appreciate the freedom to worship God. This night will also look at the places in the world where this freedom is threatened.

This Life Night explores the fundamental human right to seek truth, express faith and worship God.  This is a freedom that many teens take for granted.  Our culture can often threaten religious freedom in subtle ways, mocking or silencing religious expression.  This night will challenge the teens to appreciate and use the freedoms given to them by God.  The night starts with a mock “raid” of the Life Night, kicking them out because they are talking about Christ.  This will lead into a large group discussion and teaching on religious freedom, both here and in other countries.  The Break is a time for the teens to reflect and pray on how they freely choose to love and serve God.  Finally, the night will end with a time of worship led by the music minister.

Social-Light: Social Nature of Humanity

The goal of this night is to introduce the semester on social justice by focusing on the social nature of humanity and how our nature reflects the nature of God. This night will help the teens understand how our faith is connected to the greater community.

This is the first night of the semester on social justice.  Throughout the semester, we will explore how we are called to live in true community with others – our neighbors.  This Life Night will set the stage for the rest of the nights.  The night begins with a forced isolation – no talking, no eye contact, nothing.  The skit that follows is a humorous look at the isolation that can happen through so-called social media.  The teaching will highlight the Trinitarian nature of God and how we are created in that nature, meaning we are made for community.  The Break will give the teens a chance to build community and discuss Scripture in small groups.  Finally, this night will close by giving each teen a prayer partner for the semester and interceding for others in prayer.

So Much More: Wealth and Materialism

The goal for this night is to understand Jesus’ teaching regarding wealth and materialism. This night will also help the teens guard against attitudes of materialism in their own lives.

More and more teens have to compete to be the best and most successful at school, sports, and even their jobs. This Life Night seeks to help the teens understand the role or wealth, materialism, and setting priorities. This Life Night begins with a fun game to see which teen can collect the most money through selling their talents. The teaching for this night will help teens focus on simplifying their lives to make room for Christ. The teaching will also look at the poor as an example of simplicity and faith. After a time of small group, the night will end with a time of prayer challenging the teens to give up one or two possessions or talents for the service of Christ.

God Save the Queen: Government and Social Justice

The goal of this night is to explore the connection between the Church’s social justice teaching and government policy and laws.  In particular, this night will explore some of the current events (such as Immigration) and how the teens can get involved on a larger scale.

This night will require very careful and non-bias preparation on behalf of the youth minister and the Core Team. It is essential to point out that the Church does not endorse any political party but rather tries to help any and every government focus on the common good of all citizens. Christ makes it abundantly clear that proper government is necessary to enhance the development of every human person. A government who takes care of its citizens can enhance the recognition of the dignity of the human person.

The Life Night begins with a take off of the classic game “Simon Says.” After the game, the teaching for the night will help the teens understand how governments should always work to promote the common good of the society.  During the Break, the teens will discuss different local laws and how they affect the community. The night closes by praying for current, local government officials.

Filling the Gap: Church's Concern and Our Awareness

The goal for this night is to look at how the Church seeks to care for all people.  This night will challenge the teens to be aware of the needs of their community and act for its good.

This Life Night seeks to help the teens understand their role in working for the common good of society. This Life Night begins with a fun game of zombie tag (a take off of the classic “tag” game). After the game the night will lead into a teaching that breaks open the theme of mercy in action. After the teaching the teens will break up into small groups to discuss how specific scenarios affect the dignity and common good of the larger community. The night will close with a time of prayer challenging the teens to think about how they can fill the gap in their own community.

Protect This House: Dignity, Rights and Responsibilities

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand the inherent dignity in every person.  This night will also look at the rights and responsibilities that come along with our dignity.

As members of a community we are charged with upholding and protecting the dignity of all persons. This Life Night seeks to help the teens not only see their own dignity, but also the dignity of every member of the community. The night begins with a competition between groups to see who can build the best, most protected fort. After the competition, the teaching will focus on the dignity found in every person and the responsibility each member of the community has to uphold and protect that dignity. The Break will give the teens an opportunity to write a letter of affirmation to someone they struggle to see Christ in. The night will end with a time of prayer that will help the teens recognize their own worth and dignity.

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