The purpose of this course is to help students to understand the vocations of life: how Christ calls us to live. In this course students should learn how all vocations are similar and how they differ. The course should be structured around married life, single life, priestly life, and consecrated life. Students should learn what […]

Would You Rather?: Discernment

The goal of the night is to define discernment and help youth understand how discernment plays out in everyday life as we live our universal call to holiness. The night will also provide practical ways to discern God’s will in both small and big decisions.

The night begins with an interactive and fun game show called, “Would You Rather?” The game leads into the Proclaim, which emphasizes our universal call to love and spread the Gospel, while also emphasizing that discernment is ongoing in the big and small decisions we make. Ways that the Church can help with discernment will be introduced, as well as practical tips to make discernment a part of daily life. Then, a teen or Core Member will give a witness about how he or she had to discern a decision and relied on the guidance of the Church and the Holy Spirit during that time. An extensive small group time follows, giving the teens time to process and share their experiences. Finally, the night will end with a Scripture reflection based on Matthew 6:30-34. While calling the teens to trust Christ, this will also provide time to hear God speak through Scripture.

Kicking Up Dust: The Diaconate

This night will encourage and empower teenagers to live lives of humble servanthood with joy in imitation of the diaconate. It will also provide the teens with concrete ways to serve in their homes, schools, and at church.

The beauty of being a deacon is not to have a certain title in the Church, but to exemplify what it means to be a servant of others. Teens can live out this call in their every day lives. The Life Night this week begins with the Life Teen Service Awards. These awards honor teens who selflessly serve in and out of church. After the awards, the teaching for this night highlights the role of a deacon and how teens are also called to serve the church. After a time of small group discussion in the Break, the teens will close the night in prayer asking for help and accountability to serve more directly at school, home, or church.

What You Want: Marriage

This night will help teens understand God’s plan for marriage and the role this sacrament plays in building up the Church. It will challenge teens to think about what kind of marriage they want to have, as well as what they will bring to their marriage rather than what they will “get” from it.

This night is about the vocation of marriage. It will address questions like: What is marriage? Why would you want to get married? What do you get verse what do you bring? How does marriage reflect Christ and His Church? The Life Night begins with a funny game show skit on choosing a spouse. The skit will lead into a teaching that will help the teens understand the vocation of marriage and challenged to reflect and pray about what they would want their own marriage to look like. After split guys/girls small groups, the night will end by praying for married couples and the teens discernment.

Rosetta Stone: Vocation Today

The goal of this night is to close out the semester on vocation by re-emphasizing our universal vocation. The universal call to holiness is the most important vocation the teens can discover. It is only in living out holiness in our daily lives that we discover God’s greater and larger plan for us.

Tonight will be the capstone of everything discussed during the Vocation Semester. The teens should leave feeling empowered and eager to live out their call to holiness. The night begins with a game that takes “hole-y-ness” to a new level. The Proclaim and Break for the night are combined and will require a Core Member who speaks a different language (or can at least memorize one). The teens will be challenged to stop thinking of holiness as a foreign language that they cannot speak, but something that we all can live and understand. The Send closes the night with a time of praise and worship. At the end of the evening, the teens should understand that there is no reason to postpone living out their vocation. When one lives out their God-given vocation they are living life to the full. “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation”–attributed to Aristotle

The Bridegroom Says Come: Consecrated Life

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce the vocation of consecrated life as a person giving up earthly marriage for marriage with God. It will connect this special relationship with the ability to hear God’s voice, and challenge teens to learn from aspects of the consecrated life, especially in the realm of prayer.

This night should emphasize that when a person discerns entering religious life he or she is not “giving up” marriage. Instead, they are anticipating the elevation of marriage beyond the world, towards its ultimate fulfillment. It is to live, here on earth, in anticipation of our final goal – heaven.

The Life Night begins with a unique drawing challenge between two teens. After, the teaching for night will help the teens understand the vocation of the consecrated life and how those in this state bless the Church. After a time in small groups, the night will close in prayer praying a litany for vocations.

Playing House: Cohabitation

This night will emphasize the foundational nature of chastity to our vocation and provide the Church’s teaching on cohabitation. It will challenge the teens to find freedom in being obedient to that teaching, and stress the need to protect the Sacrament of Matrimony.

The night will begin with a game between a guy and a girl modeled after “Family Feud.” This fun and interactive game exposes teens to some humorous conceptions of marital relations between men and women, and misconceptions about cohabitation. The final round of questions is set-up to transition directly into the Proclaim. The Break splits teens into groups by gender and gives them an opportunity to openly discuss the Church’s teaching on cohabitation and chastity. During the Send, Core Members will pray over teens for strength to live out their calling to chastity as the foundation of their future vocation. This time of prayer is also coupled with a time of worship music; invite your music minister to participate in this Life Night at least two weeks prior to the night itself.

The Call: God’s Call to Each of Us

The goal for this Life Night is to help teens understand that a vocation is different from a job or a career; it is a specific and unique call from God that is to be lived out. This night will offer examples of each of the four traditionally recognized vocations: marriage, committed single life, consecrated life, and ordained.

Making choices is part of everyday life. Outfits are chosen, jobs are chosen, friends are chosen, but to be called to something is different. God provides all of us with gifts that will help in living out a specific call or vocation. This night will help teens explore the different vocations they might be called to. The night begins with Core Members trying to “recruit” teens for the four different vocations as they gather for the night. After this “recruitment session” the youth minister will ask the teens why they chose the vocation they did and then will transition into the Proclaim. During the Break, the teens will be given a survey that will help them examine the importance of discovering God’s call in their own life. After the teens have had a few minutes to complete the surveys, they will break into small groups to discuss their answers. The night will conclude by having a time of Adoration, because it is through prayer and a relationship with God that our vocation will be revealed.

Persona Christi: Priesthood

The goal of this night is to define and affirm the priesthood and help the teens to discern their vocation. It will also affirm any young men who feel they may have a calling to the priesthood and encourage them to continue to explore that calling.

The first thing you will need to do when planning this night is to ask your priest(s) ahead of time to be a part of the night. Be sure to go over any of the specific roles he will have for the night so that he is well prepared.

This night begins with a light-hearted video starring your parish priest and Core Members. After the video, the youth minister will transition into the teaching of the night that defines the priesthood, affirms its importance, and encourages the teens to begin discerning their vocation. After this teaching, the teens get a chance to hear their priest’s testimony through a live interview with the youth minister. From here, the teens will go into small groups to discuss the priesthood further and write affirmation letters to their parish priest(s). The night will then conclude with a prayer service in which the teens will pray over their parish priest(s) and any young men discerning the call to the priesthood.

A Day In the Life of a Priest

Have you ever wanted to know what a priest does all day? Fr. John Muir allows us to follow him around for a day to see what his day is really like. A day in the life of a priest is full of surprises and joy.

Examination of Conscience

This video offers an Examination of Conscience that can be prayed before the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Surge of the Heart

Prayer is simply a surge of the heart. A couple of teens share their experience with prayer and their struggles with learning how to pray. They talk about how prayer went from something they felt the SHOULD do to something the WANTED to do.

Away in a Manger

This is the classic game of finding the baby Jesus! There are three spots where He can be, so make sure to watch closely to see where He lays His head.