All Who Are Thirsty

Faith - Our Response to God

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to introduce teens to the virtue of faith and the need for their response to God’s invitation of love – a love made most clear in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

About this night

This night centers around the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:5-42), and her response of faith when Christ asks her for a drink. Naturally, everything about this Life Night is about thirst! The Life Night begins with a fun game that will challenge teens to drink water from a cup that is held by a partner using several straws. This game leads into a teaching about faith as our response to Christ’s invitation to divine life and the beginning of discipleship. The Break for the night is a small group that will challenge teens to discern where they are allowing Christ’s living water into their lives and what things they are putting into themselves spiritually that they need to get rid of. The Life Night ends with a time of praise and worship that will challenge teenagers to empty themselves of all that is not Christ so they can be truly filled with abundant life.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we began our semester about the Person of Christ by exploring the virtue of faith – what it is and what it demands of us.  We explained that to accept the invitation of God’s love in each of our lives, we must respond to Christ’s call to “follow me” (Mark 1:17). We do this by having a personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and the Sacraments of the Church. The night revolved around the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, and her response of faith when Jesus asked her for a drink of water. When she responded to Jesus’ request out of faith, her life was changed forever. We challenged the teens to imitate her response in their lives; Christ asks  for all of our joys, pains, dreams, and fears. Take some time to discuss this Life Night with your son or daughter and commit to talking with them throughout this important Life Teen semester.

Some questions for family discussion are:

  • What does your relationship with Christ look like? How can we, as a family, build a stronger relationship with Him?
  • How does the story of the woman at the well relate to your own life?
  • What things do we do as a family that distract us from God? How can we minimize or eliminate those things?


The environment for this night is all about refreshment. Decorate the room with as much beverage memorabilia as you can find. Get Vintage Coca-Cola or Pepsi signs/posters and get as many brands of (non-alcoholic) drink represented as possible. Create large banners with slogans used by different beverage companies on them, e.g. “The Thirst Quencher,” or “Obey Your Thirst.” Also find as many (empty) cups, cans, bottles, and beverage containers you can, and hang them from the ceiling, put them on windowsills, stage, tables and wherever you can. Set up a couple of water coolers like the kind you would find in an office building, and set up a couple of sports drink coolers that a teen would recognize from the sideline of a sporting event.

For the Send you will need an empty bowl or basin set up in the front of the room. This will be used for the closing prayer.

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