The Anti-Graduation

Existence of God

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand that God is revealed through our faith, reason and experience. This night will also show the teens that faith is a life-long journey that does not end after high school (or Confirmation).

About this night

This Life Night is the last night of the semester on the Person of Christ. This Life Night seeks to help the teens understand that God can be known, and the Church gives us the tools to understand this. This Life Night also helps the teens understand that the journey of faith does not end with high school (or Confirmation).  The Life Night begins with short spoof on the idea that we can “graduate” from learning more about God and our faith. The competition leads into a teaching on knowing God’s existence through faith, reason and experience. The Break is a large group question and answer time for the teens. The Q&A will not only answer the questions but show the teens how to find the answers themselves. The night will end by giving the teens an opportunity to encounter Christ once again in Eucharistic Adoration.

Parental Notice

The Life Night for this week wraps up the semester of the Person of Christ. The night focused on knowing God exists using faith, reason and experience. This night also stressed the idea that faith is a life-long journey, not something that we can “graduate” from. Take a few minutes this week to dive deeper into this topic at home. Here are a few discussion questions to use:

1. What was one or two things you learned this semester about the Person of Jesus that you did not know before?

2. How in your life have you seen evidence that God exists?

3. How has your faith helped you in times of doubt? How have you been able to hold onto your faith instead of giving up?


This environment for this night is a Graduation Party.  Have streamers, fake diplomas, graduation hats, balloons, etc. strung around the room.  Make the environment as festive as possible. As the teens enter, have the Core Members congratulating the teens for “graduating” from this semester of Life Nights.  If possible, have some Core Members dressed in cap and gown. If you serve food before the Life Night, have cake and other “party food” available.

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