Ask, Seek, Knock (Part 1)


Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

This Life Night is the first of a two-part series. The goal of the first night is help the teens understand the necessity of a prayer life as the lifeline to God. The teens will be taught simple prayers they can use throughout the day and learn how to build their day around prayer.

About this night

The Life Night on prayer is split up into two parts. The first part is meant to help the teens understand the necessity of prayer in their lives. They will set up a prayer plan for the following week and commit to praying with and for each other. The night begins with a game to finish the line of a prayer. The game leads into a teaching on the importance of prayer in the life of a Christian. The Break for the night will give the teens an opportunity to meet in a group with the people from their school and plan times to pray throughout the day. The teens will also commit to two or three other times of prayer on their own. The night will end with the whole group praying Evening Prayer.

Parental Notice

The Life Night this week is part one of a two-part night. This week we introduced prayer as a vital part of our relationship with Christ. The teens learned different forms of prayer and developed a plan to pray throughout the whole day. Try to encourage your teens this week to keep up with their prayer plan, and if possible, join them in their daily commitments. Here are a possible discussion questions for the week:

  1. What is the first prayer you remember praying?
  2. What is a new prayer you learned this week?
  3. How is your daily commitment going? How can I encourage you?
  4. How can I join you in your prayer plan?
  5. What can we do as to put prayer at the center of our family?


The environment for this night is all about prayer. Cut out letters from colored construction paper, poster board or butcher paper to create lines from popular prayers the teens should know. Place the prayers all around the room—on the walls and floor, hanging from the ceiling and across the front of the room. Some of the lines can be from prayers like the Our Father; Hail Mary; Glory Be; Hail Holy Queen (Salve Regina); Come, Holy Spirit; Serenity Prayer; Meal Prayer; Memorare; Act of Contrition and Guardian Angel. If necessary, use different lines from the same prayers to fill out the room.

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