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A Kick-Off Life Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this night is to foster an environment of teamwork through several fun challenges. This night will build community at the beginning of the year among your teenagers, and lay the groundwork for trust for the rest of the year.

About this night

Life Teen is going back to basics – training camp, that is. This social Life Night is designed to kick off your year in a big way and begins with a messy meal. Then teens are broken up into small group platoons for their basic training challenges. These challenges test many skills including strength, agility, speed, coordination, and, most importantly, teamwork. The night concludes with prayer for our service men and women, past and present, and for us, as soldiers for Christ.

Parental Notice

Parental involvement at the beginning of your Life Teen year can be a huge boost to your ministry. Consider recruiting some parent volunteers to help with this Life Night. You can use the following invitation in your parish bulletin or in a letter home to parents:

This week at Life Teen, we are going Back to Basics! Our first Life Night of the year features many games and a lot of great food, and we need some parents to help us out! If you are interested in helping run some games, or are willing to help prepare or donate food for the Life Night, please contact the youth ministry office before _________ for more information!


The environment for this night will work best if you can set up most games outside. If you cannot use an outside space, most of the games can be adapted for indoor use. If you have to use an indoor environment, try to give your meeting space the feeling of woods or a forest. Use trees and potted plants to fill your space. Set up a projector and screen and have have nature sounds playing with a slideshow of wooded areas.

Games should be spread out through your space, as small group platoons will be rotating through each game. For some games, setting up a tarp may be necessary, especially if you are indoors.

Have your Core Team dressed in camouflage. Consider painting faces and make sure each Core Team member has a whistle and a stopwatch, as it is necessary for the night. Prior to the night, have a few Core Members outside of your parish sanctuary space “recruiting” teenagers for the Life Night.

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