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The Law and the Prophets

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to show how the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) was the cornerstone to the messages of the Old Testament prophets, the “mouthpieces” of God. This night will also challenge the teens be modern-day prophets by proclaiming the Good News in their everyday lives.

About this night

The prophets of the Old Testament can feel intimidating and teens often have a hard time relating the messages of the prophets to their daily lives. This night will help the teens discover the prophets as men who were able to hear God’s call in their lives and had the courage to spread His message, even if it wasn’t popular. The night begins with a listening activity that demonstrates how difficult it can be to discern the “one true voice” of God in the midst of the chaos of our lives. The teaching describes the mission and role of the prophets and as well as the purpose of the Law of Moses in the Old Testament. In small groups the teens will be given the opportunity to dive into one of the prophets a little more and discuss the effectiveness of the prophet’s message on the people who heard it. Finally, the teens will use Lectio Divina to spend some time listening for God’s call in their own lives and discerning who they know that most needs to hear God’s message.

Parental Notice

This night helps the teens discover the prophets as men who were able to hear God’s call in their lives and had the courage to spread His message even if it wasn’t popular. The teens will be encouraged to hear God’s call in their own lives and challenged to spread the Good News in their own schools, homes and friendships. Possible discussion questions for you and your teen:

  1. Who are the prophets in your life?
  2. What message would one of the Old Testament prophets have for our family?


Prophets are called the “mouthpieces” of God, proclaiming His law and love. The environment of this room should highlight this by covering the room in mouths! Big outlines of lips, small wax mouths, pictures of the Core Members with wide-open mouths… the more the better. For added effect, consider making the entrance to the room a giant mouth that the teens walk through. Once they are in the room – it should be very noisy with the sounds of lots of people talking, shouting, singing, etc.

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