Christ Established His Church

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help teenagers understand Christ as the foundation of the Church. It will challenge them to make Christ the foundation of their own lives.

About this night

This Life Night starts off the Life Teen semester, “Church,” and provides an overview of the origin of the Church and why it is necessary to our faith in Christ. A competition between small groups begins the Life Night. Small groups are challenged to build a model house that resembles a prototype that the small groups haven’t seen. This activity transitions into the Proclaim and is used to demonstrate how our human efforts to reach God fall short, but God’s plan provides us with a model house that is the Church, founded by Christ. The Break includes a small group discussion and the Send will provide teenagers with an opportunity to pray with Scripture and to journal.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we began our semester about the Church. We began with a game that challenged small groups to build a house that would resemble a model that the teens had not seen. We used this activity to discuss the origin of the Church and the plan that God had to gather all of humanity into one community through Jesus Christ. During small groups, teenagers discussed what being a part of this community means to them and had an opportunity to discuss ways that they can make Christ the foundation of their lives. We closed the Life Night by challenging teenagers to pray about their own foundations, asking if they center their lives on Christ or on something else. Take a few minutes this week to discuss the Life Night with your son or daughter. Use the following questions to get the conversation started:

  • Why is the Church necessary? What is the Church’s role in our world? As a family, what can we do to become more active members in our local parish (church)?
  • What foundations do you think most teenagers build their lives upon? Are these trustworthy? Why or why not?


The environment for this Life Night is all about construction. Transform your main meeting space into a construction zone for a new house. Ask members of your parish if they know anyone that has blueprints of buildings from your local community (or of your church building if it was constructed recently) and hang them on the walls of the room. Have a stack of wooden beams and a toolbox set up front alongside an empty table; this table will be used for the Gather activity. Have a few Core Members wearing hard hats as teenagers walk into the main meeting space.

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