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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to build community among the group and spend an evening with moms of teens.

About this night

This Life Night is a “bring your mom to Life Night” social. Moms do so many things for their children. This Life Night seeks to invite teens and their moms for a night of fun and community building. The Life Night starts with welcoming all teens and their moms to Life Night and explaining how the games and contests will work. After a time of fun and games, the night will end with praying in thanksgiving for all moms everywhere. Ideally,  this Life Night should be scheduled close to Mother’s Day.

Parental Notice

Moms are awesome! The Life Night this week gives teens an opportunity to bring their moms to a night of games and community building. Whether all moms can join us or not, we appreciate all you do for your teens, both those things we see and the things we do not. You are all continually in our prayers.


The environment for this night will be part of a game played during the Life Night. Along three sides of the room (side, front, side), have a clothesline strung. On the line, have clothespins with numbers written on them hanging down. Ask all the moms to bring an old picture of themselves from when they were teens to Life Night, and hang them on the line with a numbered clothespin. If the group is small, use the front of the room for this environment. The front of the room can also have a slideshow of pictures of the teens and their moms from different stages of life. Have music playing in the background that talks about moms.

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