The Call

God’s Call to Each of Us

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this Life Night is to help teens understand that a vocation is different from a job or a career; it is a specific and unique call from God that is to be lived out. This night will offer examples of each of the four traditionally recognized vocations: marriage, committed single life, consecrated life, and ordained.

About this night

Making choices is part of everyday life. Outfits are chosen, jobs are chosen, friends are chosen, but to be called to something is different. God provides all of us with gifts that will help in living out a specific call or vocation. This night will help teens explore the different vocations they might be called to. The night begins with Core Members trying to “recruit” teens for the four different vocations as they gather for the night. After this “recruitment session” the youth minister will ask the teens why they chose the vocation they did and then will transition into the Proclaim. During the Break, the teens will be given a survey that will help them examine the importance of discovering God’s call in their own life. After the teens have had a few minutes to complete the surveys, they will break into small groups to discuss their answers. The night will conclude by having a time of Adoration, because it is through prayer and a relationship with God that our vocation will be revealed.

Parental Notice

The Life Night for this week focused on the unique call that God has for each of our lives. The night introduced the four traditionally recognized vocations in the Church and provided your teen with tools to begin discernment of the call God has for his or her life. Here are a few possible discussion questions for the ride home:

  1. What is something new that you learned about vocations?
  2. What vocation do you think God may be calling you to?
  3. How can I pray for you and help in your discernment?


The environment for this night should be set up as a campaign center for vocation. Designate each of the four corners of the room for a specific vocation. Have a campaign booth set up with a sign for that vocation on it and information about the vocation on a table. Design the booths to look like they are supporting a political candidate. Create signs to hang around the room and make up cheesy pamphlets for each vocation to pass out to teens. Instruct Core Members to try to get teens to vote for the vocation they represent; have a specific uniform for each of the vocations the Core Members who are promoting. For the Send portion of the evening there will an altar and monstrance set up for Eucharistic Adoration.

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