Called To Action


Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to explain that our belief in God demands that we respond in faith. The teens will answer the question “how does my faith change me?” and commit to practical ways they can live their discipleship.

About this night

Scripture has many examples of people finding themselves in life-changing encounters with God. Each person had a choice to make—stay the same or change. In most cases, the person was so moved that he or she had no choice but to change. This Life Night helps the teens understand that their encounter with Christ demands the same change. The Life Night begins with a competition between small groups and then leads into a teaching on discipleship and the call to an active faith. After the teaching, the teens will have an opportunity to reflect on Scripture passages that give examples of people who faithfully approached Jesus with specific requests. The night ends with the teens professing an Act of Faith.

Parental Notice

Life Night this week discussed the issue of faith and discipleship. The teens were challenged to look at their life and examine how having an authentic encounter with Christ changes their life and calls them to deeper discipleship. Spend a few minutes this week discussing the issue of faith. Use the following questions to guide the conversation.

1. Who are examples of faith in your life? What did they teach you?

2. How as your faith changed you?

3. How can we as a family be more active in our faith?


The environment for this night will be pretty simple. On all the walls around the room have different synonyms for the words “go” and “action.” Have pictures of people moving, action movies, green traffic lights, etc. The walls should also have cut outs of all the Core Members for the Gather game (see Pin the Cross on the Christian for more information).

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