Are You Cereal?

A Social Life Night

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to build community among the teens, and have fun playing games and eating cereal.

About this night

Social Life Nights are an important part of semester planning. Not only do they break up the semester theme, they help build community within the group. Social Nights also give the Core Members and youth ministers an opportunity to practice relational ministry. This social night is easy to create and pull off, even those with limited funds.

Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner? This Life Night gives the teens to snack on their favorite cereal while participating in games. The night begins with a brief introduction of the night and games. The teens will then have a chance to eat a bowl of cereal and socialize. After, they will be able to play different games that all involve cereal. After a few contests, the night will close in prayer.

Parental Notice


The environment of the room should be very simple. Cut out of colored construction paper or colored butcher paper the shapes of different cereals like Fruit Loops, Coco Puffs or Lucky Charms and hang them around the room. Starting a few weeks before the night, collect as many cereal boxes as possible. In the front of the room, create a cereal box pyramid or wall. Use tape to keep the boxes all together. Set up tables and chairs around the room for the teens to sit at. In the middle of the room, have a table with various cereals and milk available for the teens to eat.  Have spoons and bowls available as well.

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