Chain Reaction

The Reality and Effects of Sin

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand the reality of sin in this world and the effects it has on the world. This night will better equip the teens to fight the battle against sin and evil. This night will also look at how God’s mercy and love is stronger than sin. Finally, this night will challenge the teens to follow the example of Christ and choose God over sin.

About this night

This Life Night deals with the topic of Original Sin and its effects. This night helps the teens see the chain reaction that has occurred since the first sin. The night begins by using the imagery of dominoes to demonstrate how one thing clearly causes another. The Proclaim and Break will give the teens the opportunity to see how sin caused a chain reaction that affects us today. The Send of the night will illustrate a different chain reaction, but this time it’s one caused by God, not man. Christ’s obedience to God on the Cross caused grace and forgiveness to once again be offered to us. The teens will renew their baptismal promises and sign themselves with holy water to remind them that God conquered Original Sin.

Parental Notice

onight your teen(s) will be uncovering the reality of sin in the world and how sin can cause many negative chain reactions. The challenge given is to not participate in this sinful cause and effect. Instead we are called to work with God to bring grace and life into the world through our actions. By doing this we create a positive chain reaction of grace.

Here are a few discussion questions you can use this week:

  1. How have you seen the effects of Original Sin in your life? In our family life?
  2. Original sin occurred because Adam and Eve chose their desires over God’s will. Have you ever chosen your way over God’s way? If so, when? What happened?
  3. Have you seen God’s mercy at work in your life when you’ve sought forgiveness?


At the front of the room, have a large cross set up as the focal point. Around the room, the environment will be set up as if you are in the middle of a game of dominoes (or if you want to be more elaborate, a game of Mouse Trap). These dominoes do not have to be functional, but should create the idea that we are in the middle of a dominoes game. The entire environment should give the idea of chain reactions as well as cause and effect. To create these large dominoes, take packing boxes and cover/wrap the boxes in white paper. You can use butcher or parchment paper to cover these boxes. Then place black dots on two sides of the box on the white paper. As the teens are entering the room, have the music video “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go playing.

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