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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to answer the questions “what is prayer?” and “why do we need a prayer life?”  Using the Lord’s Prayer as a starting point, the teens will learn the importance of prayer as the foundation of their relationship with God.

About this night

Prayer is at the heart of a relationship with Jesus. Jesus not only calls us to pray, He also teaches us how to pray through His words and example. This night looks at the call to prayer in a culture that demands instant communication and feedback. The Life Night starts with the “Cell Phone Olympics,” challenging the teens to show off their cell phone skills. The teaching draws the parallel from modern communication to our deep need to connect to God through prayer. In particular, the teaching will explain the model of prayer given to us in the Our Father. The Break invites the teens into a time of silence and listening. Finally, the Send gives the teens an opportunity to enter into a specific type of prayer and make a commitment to daily prayer in their lives.

Parental Notice

The Life Night this week was on prayer. As Christians, prayer is something we know we should do, but many of us struggle with developing a daily prayer life. Many times teens ask us: “how do you pray?”  The truth is there is no “prayer formula,” but Jesus did give us a model to follow in the Our Father. In the Life Night, your child had the opportunity to look at prayer, in particular the Our Father, in a new way. Prayer is our response to a God who already knows and loves us perfectly. Prayer must be modeled, practiced and encouraged. If your family does not have a regular prayer routine (in addition to weekly Mass), we recommend that you seek opportunities to pray together as a family. Here are a few discussion questions to help you and your teen talk about this Life Night:

1. What is prayer to you? How often do you pray?

2. Describe a powerful prayer experience.

3. Why is it often difficult to remain committed to a prayer routine?

4. How can our family incorporate more prayer into our lives?


The room should visually represent all the “high tech” ways we stay connected to one another: cell phones, text messages, picture and video messages, instant messaging, social networking websites, blogs, Skype, etc. Also include more “old fashioned” forms of communication: smoke signals, telegraph, tin cans connected by strings, letters. These things (or images of them) should surround the room. In addition the room should be very noisy as the teens enter. Have loud music playing, various videos playing on screens and people talking. To add to the effect, give the Core Members megaphones and/or microphones to greet the teens with.

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