Divine Design

Christ Established His One Church to Continue His Presence and His Work

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens understand that the Church was planned by the Father and founded by Jesus Christ to continue His work of salvation in the world. The teens will also recognize that they play a part in the Church’s mission to make disciples.

About this night

This Life Night kicks off the semester on the Church. The goal of the night is to help the teens understand that the Church was founded by Christ to continue his work of salvation in the world. The night seeks to introduce the teens to the Church’s mission of spreading the Gospel message and making disciples. The Life Night begins with a group competition to create blueprint plans for an improved church building. The competition leads into a teaching on the Father’s plan for the Church and Jesus Christ’s fulfillment and establishment of the Church on earth. The Break will give the teens a chance to discuss the teaching in small groups, and the night will end in a time of praise and worship as a church community asking for God to bless the local church.

Parental Notice

The Life Night this week is the first in our new semester on the Church. The goal of the semester is help the teens understand that the Church was established by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit. The teens will come to realize their role in the life of the Church as witnesses to truth and their task to promote spread the Gospel to all nations. Spend a few minutes with your teen this week asking what they hope to take away from the new semester. Create a plan for your teen to make it to every Life Night.


The environment for this Life Night will resemble an architecture studio. In the front of the room have two or three large tables covered with white paper. Have pencils and other art supplies on the tables. If possible, string a line above the tables and have blueprints of buildings hanging from the line or a few models of buildings on the tables. If necessary, trace a few blueprint designs onto paper using a light table or window.

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