The Drop Zone

Our Fall From Grace

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to lay a foundation for the semester. This night will introduce the Fall of Man and the consequences of Original Sin. This night will also give the teens an opportunity to prayerfully examine how sin affects their everyday lives and their need for God’s love.

About this night

This Life Night is the first in the Paschal Mystery semester. The night starts with an intense community-building competition to keep a balloon in the air. The game leads into a teaching that focuses on the Fall of Man and how the sin of Adam and Eve have had consequences on all mankind. After a time of small group discussion in the Break, the teens will prayerfully offer a person, thing, situation or action that is keeping them from fully entering into a relationship with Christ. The Life Night will end with a challenge to dive into the Paschal Mystery semester.

Parental Notice

The Life Night this week begins our new semester on the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. We will be diving into the topics of Original Sin; the Incarnation; the Passion, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ; Ascension and Pentecost and prayer. It is our hope that throughout the semester, the teens will understand the gravity of sin and the mercy of God’s love revealed by sending his Son to pay the debt for our sins. Take some time this semester to pray for your teen, ask them questions and study along with us. The following are a few possible discussion questions:

  1. What do you hope to learn this semester on the Paschal Mystery?
  2. Do you ever think about the effects your choices have on others? Have you seen these effects in your life?
  3. How can our family dive deeper into the Paschal Mystery? How can we support you?


What is the highest height you can think of? The environment for this night is a skydiving drop zone. On the floor of the room, create a big red target. Tape together red construction paper in the form of a bullseye, the bigger the better. This target will be used during the Send of the night. On the walls have large white clouds. The clouds can be made of white paper, cotton balls or anything else soft and white (like toilet paper). If possible, hang clouds from the ceiling. On a video screen, play videos of people skydiving. The Core Members should dress up in jumpsuits, backpacks and goggles as if they were going skydiving. Check the local discount or thrift store for jumpsuits.

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