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A Life Night About Family

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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help teens understand the nature of the family is agape, sacrificial love. Teens are given examples of the members of the Holy Family as models for the roles of members of their families, and challenged to love their parents by honoring the Fourth Commandment.

About this night

The Life Night begins with a “human bingo” icebreaker game.  Each bingo card lists common activities of families. Families today can look very different from each other; the goal of the Gather is to focus on what practices and qualities families have in common.  The Proclaim is a teaching on family with a focus on the Holy Family.  There will be pauses during the Proclaim for teens to reflect on their relationship with members of their family and to pray for them. The Break will give the teens an opportunity to write a letter to a member of their family. The Life Night closes with a prayer for all families.

Parental Notice


Keep the room simple posting pictures of Core Members and teens with their families.  You can blow up pictures form the parish directory or ask families in advance to submit photos.  Mix these photos with different depictions of the Holy Family from classic art and iconography. Alternatively you can make these pictures a slide show that runs throughout the Life Night.


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