Existence of Evil / Spiritual Warfare

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to bring to light the real spiritual battle between good (God) and evil (Satan). This Life Night will help the teens equip themselves with the weapons of prayer and Sacraments. The teens will also learn about the role of St. Michael the Archangel and his powerful intercession and protection.

About this night

Evil Spirits, Satan, Spiritual Battle… these are the things out of horror movies, right? Many of our teens (and adults) have bought into the lie that Satan and evil are not real. The truth is they are real and there is a battle being waged for our souls. This is not a truth to scare people into “being good”; it is a reality of which we need to be aware. We must be prepared to defend ourselves (and others) against evil. This Life Night looks at these realities through the lens of the cross where victory was won for us. It is important that the Core Team and those presenting this night are well informed and prepared to present this topic to the teens. The Gather will help the teens realize that “reality” is not limited to what we see. The Proclaim will explain the reality of evil and spiritual battle in our world. The Break will give the teens an opportunity to look at Ephesians 6 and apply it to their lives. Finally, the Send will ask the intercession and protection of St. Michael the Archangel over the teens.

Parental Notice

Because Hollywood has used the concept of Satan and evil spirits to “entertain” for years, many people see those things as just that – fiction. The reality is that evil is real, Satan is real and spiritual battle is real. The Life Night this week looked at these realities and how we are called to fight against evil using the weapons of prayer, Scripture and Sacraments. We recommend that you take time to talk through this topic with your teen, allowing to ask questions and come to a greater understanding of the saving love of God. Here are some possible discussion questions for you and your teen:

1. What did you think of the Life Night? What is your experience of spiritual battle?

2. How can we as a family help guard against sin, temptation and evil?

3. Take time to pray as a family, asking God to protect your home and family from evil.


In a culture that doesn’t believe in what it cannot see, there is a battle being fought right now. The environment for this night will make that invisible battle visible. The point is not to scare the teens, but to engage all their senses in the reality of spiritual warfare. Make the meeting space into a battlefield. Use a sound track of guns and bombs. Have various battle scenes from movies and TV playing on the screen. Have the Core Members dressed in camouflage. Split the front of the room into two “camps,” with one on each side of the room. One camp should be “the Kingdom of God” and the other “the kingdom of evil.”  But instead of using the typical images of good (i.e. angels, halos, light, etc.) and evil (i.e. devils, fire, darkness, etc.) in the two camps, each side should look disarmingly normal (i.e. people in regular clothes, couches, computer, etc.)

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