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The Visible and Invisible Reality of the Sacraments

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to explain that the seven sacraments are not only spiritual but also very physical. These physical elements are called matter and form. The teens will have the opportunity to explore the matter and form of each sacrament and what the significance is for each sacrament.

About this night

This Life Night will start out by gathering the teens and showing them how certain forms of prayer are appropriate or not appropriate depending on the situation. The Core Team will then present a skit, which demonstrates that God had a very specific “recipe” in mind when he established the sacraments in Scripture. After the skit is further explained the teens will break into groups to learn the specific visible signs that are necessary for each sacrament to be official in the eyes of God and His Church. The Life Night will close with a reflection on the “Our Father” and its relationship to the matter and form of the sacraments.

Parental Notice

This night will highlight the very visible signs that are present with all of the sacraments. The teens will see the matter and form, which are necessary for each sacrament to be valid in the eyes of the Church. Help your teen(s) prepare for this night by making a list and see if, as a family, you can list the matter and form (spoken word) necessary for each sacrament. Follow up after the Life Night by comparing the list to what is learned and see how well you do! Here are some discussion questions for this week:

  1. Why do you think Jesus uses matter in the sacraments instead of letting us just simply pray words?
  2. Why do you think the form (spoken word) cannot be changed in a sacrament?
  3. What are the invisible realities that are made visible to us in each sacrament?


The environment for this night should convey the Core Team’s favorite cooking show whether it is a show hosted by Rachel Ray, the Iron Chefs or the Swedish Chef. There should be a main cooking table at the front of the room as would be seen on a cooking TV show. Have pots, pans, appliances and utensils. Have certain obvious sacramental items in the kitchen like oil, water, bread and wine.

Gospel Characters
As the teens enter the room have the Core Team dressed as people that encountered Jesus in the Gospels walking around and welcoming them. Each of the Gospel “characters” should have matter (physical element) and form (verbal) tied into their encounter with Jesus but their matter and form should be misguided for this night (Example: the Core Member acting as the blind man from John 9 should have pudding over/around his eyes instead of mud and should be talking about washing in the YMCA pool). Get as creative with the Gospel characters as you can. These Gospel characters should be very obviously miss-telling the stories of how Jesus encountered them and should seem ridiculous. Be sure to use at least the five characters from the skit because these characters will be sitting in the crowd when the skit begins.

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