Living Sacramental Grace

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to encourage teens to live out the sacramental grace that each baptized Christian has. This is a very practical night where we as a community will be challenged to recognize our call to bring God’s grace into the world through the sacraments. The sacraments give us power and the actual grace that we need to overcome evil and spread God’s goodness.

About this night

This night will begin with a fun relay where the teens will use different items to transfer water into a bucket. After the relay the night will transition into teaching on how we can live sacramental grace in our lives. Following the teaching the teens will break into small groups to discuss the main points of the teaching. Then staying in small groups, each group will be assigned a sacrament which they will design into a skit. These skits will depict practical situations where we can live out the particular sacrament. After all groups have performed their skits the night will transition into a prayerful setting. The teens will be encouraged to allow God to pour His grace into our lives so that we can in turn pour into the world. This time of prayer will consist of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration. The scene at the front of the room will show Christ at the center and “water” pouring from His bucket to ours, and then out to the larger community.

Parental Notice

This night will end our semester on the sacraments and focus on practical applications that the seven sacraments can have in our lives. The sacraments are more than just seven events but opportunities of grace that transform our lives. Each baptized Christian has sacramental grace in their souls and it is our call to share that grace with others. This grace is an undeserved gift that is not a one-time event, but a gift that should overflow in our lives. Take time to talk to your teen about the semester and how they can live out the sacraments.


This environment is all about water! So be creative in the ways you bring “water elements” into your main meeting space. This can be videos of waterfalls, oceans and rivers. This can also be fake water (blue saran wrap) “flowing” through the middle of the room. Have the sound of rushing water playing as the teens enter.

If possible, have your environment include a poster or canvas symbol for each sacrament. You will need to do this ahead of time and possibly recruit some of your teens to help you the week before. During the Life Night have the posters displayed in the front of the room. Here are just a few suggestions for symbols you may choose to depict for each sacrament: Baptism – water or candle, Reconciliation – broken chains or screen confessional, Eucharist – the host and chalice, Confirmation – the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, Matrimony – two rings or two hearts, Holy Order – a person laying prostrate or a priest’s collar, Anointing of the Sick – oil.

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