Fullness of Time

Divine Revelation

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help teenagers understand how God has revealed Himself throughout history, particularly through Sacred Scripture. It will challenge the teens to respond to that revelation in their own lives.

About this night

This Life Night begins the semester on Sacred Scripture. Its focus is on the ways that God has revealed Himself to us, which are expressed most perfectly in Christ. The night begins with teenagers being challenged to participate in a discussion that is well above their current level of theological knowledge (and language ability). This challenge leads into the teaching for the session, which explains the necessity of God’s revelation of Himself over time and why it was important that God prepared people for the coming of Christ. The Break gives teens an opportunity to reflect on how Christ is revealed in their own lives using a discussion modeled off several passages from Sacred Scripture. The night ends with the teens being introduced to the prayer of Lectio Divina as a way to hear God’s voice.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we began our semester on Sacred Scripture with a discussion on Divine Revelation. God wants us to know Him, so he has revealed Himself in a number of ways. The fullest expression of God’s revelation is in Jesus Christ, His Son. We discussed how God’s revelation is given to us in both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. This provided a foundation for the topics we will be discussing this coming semester.

Our topic of Sacred Scripture will provide many opportunities for your family to grow in faith together. We want to encourage you to choose one or two ways that your family can begin using the Bible to pray and grow over the coming months. Some suggestions are:

Reading through and discussing the readings for the upcoming Mass as a family.

Choose a Gospel to read through as a family. Read several verses or a chapter each night before or after dinner.

Put a weekly Scripture verse up on your refrigerator to reflect on. Take turns having different family members choosing and posting the Scripture verse.


The environment for this night will give teenagers a visual “timeline” of Divine Revelation. In the front of the room create a timeline by setting up five “scenes” that move from left to right. On the far left create a garden scene. Extend this scene to the door so teens have to walk through it to get into the main meeting space. In this scene there should be two trees – the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They have signs on them so teens know what they are.

Moving toward the right side of the room set up a boat (Noah’s ark). If possible, get a full size fishing boat for this or a kayak. Set up two large tablets with the Ten Commandments written on them to the right of the ark. This can be done by gathering large pieces of Styrofoam and gluing butcher paper on top, or can be created by hanging large pieces of butcher paper on the wall with the Ten Commandments written on them. At the front and center of the room, set up a manger scene to represent the Incarnation. To the right of the manger, set up statues and pictures of apostles and saints, and to the right of those set up a podium or lectern with an open Bible on it. When teens look at the environment, they should see a brief overview of the ways God revealed Himself and transmitted that revelation to us.

Finally, cover up each of the scenes with large tarps or blankets, or conceal them with butcher paper hanging from the ceiling, with the exception of the garden scene. During the teaching, each one of these scenes will be revealed.

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