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Sabbath Rest – Third Commandment

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this night is to help the teens understand that the Sabbath day is a holy day and a day we must honor. The night will also challenge the teens to see Sunday as a day of rest, grace, remembrance, and resurrection.

About this night

This night is focused on the Third Commandment, “keep holy the Sabbath Day,” and the importance that commandment has in our lives. Many times we are busy on Sundays and we do not set aside adequate time for God. The night will begin by assigning every teen a task that will keep them “busy.” After a teaching on keeping holy the Sabbath Day, the teens will break into small groups to discuss questions that will apply the teaching to their lives. After small groups, the large group will have an opportunity to celebrate an actual Lord’s Day celebration. This is an old prayer that Christians pray on the vigil of the Lord’s Day to prepare for the Sunday Eucharist. There is also a Parent Night on this same topic. If possible, have the Life Night and Parent Night on the same evening and conclude the sessions in prayer together.

Parental Notice

This night will continue our Morality semester and looks at the Third Commandment: “Keep Holy the Sabbath Day.” God gave us the gift of the Sabbath for us to rest, be thankful, spend time with our families, and, most importantly, worship Him. Many times our lives are too busy to worship God even once a week. Talk to your teen(s) about how to make Mass and family time a priority on Sunday


The environment for this night will visually represent the topic of the night. The room should be chaotic, busy, and loud. This can be done with music, images, screens, etc. – the busier, the better. At the front of the room, a small space should be carved out and separate from the madness of the rest of the room. Make this the Sacred Space. It should be simple, uncluttered, and quiet. Have a table set up in your sacred space. The sacred space will include everything needed to celebrate the Lord’s Day or represent the Sabbath. Cover the table with a cloth, either white or the color of the liturgical season you are in. On the table, place a crucifix, an open Bible, at least one candle, a loaf of bread, and, if possible, the vessels used at Mass, the paten and chalice.

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