God, Give Me More…Now

Jesus Teaches Us How To Pray

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help the teens develop a closer relationship with Christ through prayer. This night will examine the importance of prayer in our lives in a world that demands so much from us. It will focus on the example that Jesus gave us by leading a life of prayer.

About this night

This Life Night takes a closer look at the importance of prayer in our lives. It helps us grow closer in relationship to God. The night begins with a skit with a teen wanting to learn how to pray. Several people try to teach him or her, but the prayers they teach are childish and selfish. In the end, the teen learns from a friend that prayer is about having a conversation with God, not just about demanding things. The Proclaim focuses on the importance of prayer, Jesus taking time to pray, and how Jesus teaches us to pray. The Break gives the teens a chance to look at their prayer lives as they dive deeper into Scripture. The Send for the Life Night is a time of Eucharistic Adoration with the teens taking time to pray in the presence of Christ himself.

Parental Notice

This Life Night focused on the importance of prayer in our lives. Prayer nourishes our souls, and we need it to build a healthy relationship with God. Jesus modeled how important prayer was by his life. Before His ministry began, He spent time in prayer. Before and after every important moment in His life as one of us, Jesus took time to be in prayer with God, the Father. He is our model and example. The teens took time in small groups to discuss Matthew 6:9-15, the passage where Jesus gave us the guidelines to prayer in he Lord’s Prayer. The night ended with a time of Eucharistic Adoration, where teens had an opportunity to pray in the presence of Christ and invite Him more deeply into their lives. To follow up with this Life Night, we recommend the following:

  • Take some time to visit the Blessed Sacrament Chapel together and spend some time in Adoration during this coming week. If possible, set aside an hour in your week to do this.
  • Ask your son/daughter what they need prayers for. Pray for these intentions with him or her.


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