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The Beatitudes

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal for this Life Night is to help the teens live a life of beatitude. This Life Night will look at the Beatitudes as a fruit of discipleship and challenge the teens to embrace the life of holiness outlined in the Beatitudes.

About this night

The Life Night begins with a fast-paced competition between teens of matching the first and second parts of the Beatitudes. After a teaching on the Beatitudes and the call to holiness, the teens will break up into small groups to discuss the role of the Beatitudes in their lives. The night will end with a recap of the semester and close with a time of silent Eucharistic Adoration.

Parental Notice

This week’s Life Night is the last in the semester on morality. We’ll be looking at the call to discipleship and a life of beatitude (joy). We’ll also be discussing different ways the teens can continue to receive grace and grow in virtue as they seek to live out a moral life. Here are some questions you could use this week with your teen(s):

  1. What are your dreams of success?
  2. Do you think these plans will make you happy?
  3. Which of the Beatitudes is the hardest for you to live by? Why? What do you think you could change in your life to help you live it more fully?
  4. How can we as a family help support you on your journey to holiness?


At first, the Beatitudes seem to be a contradiction. How can the sorrowful be blessed? The environment for this night will play up the idea of contradiction. Using images, words, and physical items, decorate the room with funny contradictions that teens would be familiar with. For example:  jumbo shrimp, young adult, unsalted saltines, real processed cheese, old news, elevated subway, cold as hell, confirmed rumor, clearly misunderstood, etc. Have fun and be creative with this.

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