Concupiscence, Lust, Spiritual Hunger

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce teens to the virtue of chastity as it stands in opposition to concupiscence. It will challenge teens to recognize their desire for relationships, and to act on that desire in a healthy and chaste way.

About this night

This Life Night introduces the virtue of chastity to the teenagers and explains how it can help them overcome concupiscence and experience true freedom. The Life Night begins with a meal that everyone experiences differently. This meal illustrates the three responses we can have to our desire for relationships — starvation, junk food, and a banquet. After the meal teens will process their experience and then hear a teaching about chastity and how the virtue allows us to control our desires and have a healthy relationship with God and others. This teaching leads into men’s and women’s-only sessions where teens will discuss the challenges they face to living chastely and ways to avoid sin. Teens will have an opportunity to pray over each other during these sessions, and will close the night as a large group in prayer.

Parental Notice

This week at Life Night we discussed our spiritual hunger for community and relationships and the positive and negative ways that we express that hunger. We challenged the teens to realize that, although the world may say that it is best to feed our hunger for relationships with sexual relationships and experiences, ultimately this hurts us spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. We introduced the virtue of chastity, which is the integration of our sexuality into our spirit and body, allowing the spirit to control our body and desires. This is a very counter-cultural idea to many teenagers, but is very important because it allows us to practice true freedom. During the Life Night we broke up into men’s and women’s groups to discuss the specific challenges to chastity faced by each gender.  We closed the night with a time of prayer, allowing the men and women to pray with each other for continued strength in their lives to resist temptation.

This is an important topic to talk about with your teenager, as there are many temptations that teens face in their lives that threaten chastity. Below are a couple of questions to get your discussion started:

  • What are some of the biggest things that threaten teenagers’ chastity today? Why?
  • What can we do as a family to support each other spiritually? What can we do to strengthen prayer in our community?


The environment for this Life Night should be set up as a dining hall. Divide the room into three sections using white tape on the floor. Leave the first section completely empty. Don’t put chairs, table, or food in it. The second section should have folding tables set up in it with piles of junk food on each. In the final section, have one or two tables set up with candles, tablecloths, plates and silverware. This final section should look like seating in a fancy restaurant.

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