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Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to introduce teenagers to Life Teen’s 2014 theme. “Inspire(d),” and challenge them to be attentive to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in their own lives, and to bring the love of God to those around them.

About this night

This Life Night may be used to kick-off Life Teen’s 2014 annual theme, “Inspire[d].” It begins with a game that challenges small groups to find “inspiration” from unlikely sources in order to create a song, poem, skit, or piece of artwork. The Proclaim challenges teenagers to realize the many ways that God speaks and has inspired the world around them, especially through Sacred Scripture. Teens will be challenged to seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit in their own lives, rather than only relying on their own intellect and ability. During the Break teenagers have an opportunity to discuss the teaching and to reflect on people who have inspired their journey of faith. They will write a letter to people who have inspired them, thanking them for their example and witness. The Life Night ends with a period of Eucharistic Adoration and a challenge for teenagers to be inspiring witnesses of Christ’s love to everyone with whom they interact.

Parental Notice


As teens enter your meeting space for Life Night play “inspirational” music. A great option would be to play upbeat songs from a movie soundtrack. Create a Keynote or PowerPoint slideshow of motivational or inspirational images (either serious or funny) and have it playing as teens gather. Utilize Life Teen’s official Twitter and Instagram account to find some great images for this slideshow ( and

Near the front of the room have several pictures of inspirational people and saints. Set a podium or lectern up with an open bible on it. This should be in the center of the front of the room.

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