Kicking Up Dust

The Diaconate

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

This night will encourage and empower teenagers to live lives of humble servanthood with joy in imitation of the diaconate. It will also provide the teens with concrete ways to serve in their homes, schools, and at church.

About this night

The beauty of being a deacon is not to have a certain title in the Church, but to exemplify what it means to be a servant of others. Teens can live out this call in their every day lives. The Life Night this week begins with the Life Teen Service Awards. These awards honor teens who selflessly serve in and out of church. After the awards, the teaching for this night highlights the role of a deacon and how teens are also called to serve the church. After a time of small group discussion in the Break, the teens will close the night in prayer asking for help and accountability to serve more directly at school, home, or church.

Parental Notice

At the Life Night the teenagers learned about the duties and roles of the deacon in the Catholic Church. A deacon is called to a life of service, and tonight the teens were challenged to think about the way they can humbly serve others in their lives at home, at church, and at school. Each teen spent time brainstorming how they could practically live out service in these three areas. Spend some time asking your teen about what they chose to do and discussing if there are any areas of service that you could get involved in as a family. Some questions that may help guide your discussion after the Life Night are:

  1. Why is service to others an important part of any vocation?
  2. How did you decide to start serving others now?
  3. What can we do as a family to engage more fully in serving others?


The environment for the night should be set up for an awards ceremony. Have a podium set up for the host/hostess and create a banner or poster that reads “Life Teen Service Awards.” You can project clips from the red carpet of the Academy Awards on the screen as teens are entering. Have all the Core Members dress up in their best “red carpet” attire, and even consider rolling out a red carpet for the teens as they walk in. Have other Core Members acting as news reporters trying to get interviews with the teens as they walk in. Have a lot of fun with the environment by working in as many “award show” elements as possible.

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