Las Posadas

A Life Teen Social Night for Christmas

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Social Night is for the teens to grow in community by celebrating Christmas together. They will also learn about the Mexican tradition of “Las Posadas.”

About this night

This night is set in the town of Bethlehem. Everyone gets to play a part in the Christmas story as a shepherd, angel, or magi. The Gather has two games played in small groups that break open the Christmas narrative from the Gospels. The Proclaim gives a short explanation of the Hispanic tradition of Las Posadas. During the Break, another game is used, based on the idea of Las Posadas and traditional Christmas carols. The night ends with snacks and fellowship time for all.


Prior to the night, find two people to take on the role of Mary and Joseph. They could be Core Members, teens, or a couple from the parish. They should be dressed for the part.

Parental Notice


Set up your main meeting space like the town of Bethlehem. Create nine simple storefronts, homes, workshops, and/or hotels out of butcher paper or cardboard boxes, and put them around the perimeter of the room. The town will be a life-size board game; so people should be able to walk from one “building” to another. Label the first “building” on one end of the room “Start.” At the other end of the town, create a manger scene. Label it as “End.” During the Break, Core Members will be stationed at each building dressed as a resident of Bethlehem.

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