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Jesus Teaches Us About Ourselves

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The teens will understand that the light of Jesus Christ reveals who we are and our call to holiness.  Understanding that growing in holiness means conforming ourselves to Christ, they will identify an area of their life that needs to be conformed to Christ.

About this night

This Life Night provides the teens an opportunity to see how Jesus reveals to us who we called to be.  It starts with a Gather game that pits light against darkness. The game leads into a teaching that outlines how understanding Jesus as the Light of the World helps us to see ourselves and our call to holiness more clearly.  Using a mirror as an example, the teaching demonstrates that humans were created perfect reflections of God’s love, but that sin cracks and distorts that reflection. When we make the choice to grow close to Christ through prayer and sacraments,  we conform ourselves to Him.  Becoming imitators of Christ allows Him to repair and restore our original image as reflections of God’s love. The Break is experiential, giving teens an experience of walking in the light. They learn that although walking in the light can be uncomfortable initially, it gets easier the longer we do it.  The teens will then invite the Light of Christ to reveal the darkness of their sin; they will have an opportunity to turn back toward the Light through the sacrament of reconciliation.

Parental Notice

This week we reflected on what it means to be a Christian and who Jesus calls us to be. The night emphasized Jesus as the Light of the World and used the symbol of a mirror. The mirror helped us to see that we are created to be perfect reflections of God’s love, but that sin distorts and cracks that reflection.  When we allow Jesus’ light to shine into the darkness of our lives through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, His gift of grace restores us and helps us on our journey toward holiness. A few possible questions:

  • What does it mean that Jesus is “the Light of the World”?
  • How does sin prevent us from being able to reflect God’s love to the world?
  • How can imitating Christ help us become who we are called to be?


The environment for this night should focus on light and reflection.  Have mirrors hanging all over the room with lights shining on the mirrors and reflecting the light around the room.  You will also need one mirror in the front of the room that you will break, as part of the Proclaim.  In the center of the room, have a large cross or crucifix.  Behind it, place a couple of bright work lights.  These will stay off until the Break.

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