Love as Self-Gift, Definition of Love

Life Night Outline

Goal of this Night

The goal of this Life Night is to help teenagers understand the definition of true love, especially as it is expressed within the Sacrament of Marriage. This night will encourage teens not to settle for a lesser form of affection and will challenge  them to live the two great commandments of love.

About this night

This Life Night begins with a challenge for the teenagers to define love by listening to popular music. This Gather activity asks teens to listen to music and discuss how each song portrays love, and if they think this is an accurate description of love. This leads into a humorous video that features a camera crew “hunting” for love. The teaching for the Life Night distinguishes between several kinds of love, and why we need to be striving toward a love that gives ourselves to others in sacrifice. It will break open why sex can only take place within marriage between a man and a woman as an expression of conjugal love. The Break and Send for this Life Night allow teenagers to experience Christ’s love through the Eucharist and veneration of the cross.

Parental Notice

his week at Life Night we talked about love and the many different ways that we understand love and even use the word “love.” The Life Night began with a discussion about the theme of love in various modern songs. We then discussed the competing ideas we have about love and the real definition of love that we can find in Christ. We also discussed how this love is expressed within the Sacrament of Marriage through sex, and how sex outside of marriage is a counterfeit of true love. The teens had an opportunity to journal about their relationship with Christ before we closed the night in a time of Eucharistic Adoration. This night may have been very powerful or challenging for your teenage son or daughter – it is important to take some time to discuss it with them and process what they may be feeling. It is also a great time to affirm your love for him or her as a parent. Here are a few questions to begin the discussion:

  • How do you think most teenagers define love? Do you think this is accurate?
  • Do you trust in the love Christ has for you? Why or why not?
  • Who has been an example of self-sacrificial love for you? Why?


The environment for this Life Night is all about love. Find as many cliché decorations as you can for this. If possible, find some old valentines day decorations to put up around the room, or, purchase wedding decorations to put up around the room. Using an online translator, translate the word “love” into several languages and write it on butcher paper to hang up around the room. Have Core Members passing out valentines day candy (if it is in season) to teens as they walk into the room. Have a clean romantic comedy playing on a screen as teens enter the main meeting space.

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